Talks between EU & UAE on strengthening the cooperation and bilateral relations

Talks between EU & UAE on strengthening the cooperation and bilateral relations

 UAE UAE – Last weekend, High Representative Josep Borrell visited UAE and he met with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Minister of State Shaakboot Bin Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan.

Since the EU considers UAE a significant and progressive partner, both sides are equally invested and interested in continuing to strengthen mutual engagement and cooperation on bilateral terms. Along with they will be also be focusing at regional and global issues and point out the challenges so that they can be diplomatically resolved.

Josep Borrell mentioned that both sides have a common interest in maintaining the security and stability of the region. The EU wants to continue the regular political dialogue on challenges they are facing here and at the same time their human rights dialogue allows both sides to raise specific concerns.

He further adds that with the UAE elections as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, certain opportunities are looming for the next two years. They stand as an exploration point where they can enhance and deal with regional challenges.

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During the meet, both the leaders also talked about issues of climate action. Although, UAE is at the forefront of undertaking measures against climate change EU is also making efforts and stern steps when it comes to green and digital transition or development of renewable energies.

Reinforcing the possibilities to further increase bilateral trade and investment, there are dialogues between the EU and the US too on security and defense. That will include and give way for implementing a system to avoid issues like the one around AUKUS in the future.

It has become important than ever before to bridge the gaps that were created during COVID-19. These meetings are important for the ongoing discussions on issues related to the transatlantic agenda that has to be put in the frame of the new developments in the world. Borrell concluded by saying that the EU will participate in numerous events at EXPO to promote European approaches on sustainability, mobility and innovation.

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