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Peru School teacher min - Home

Splitting presidential election in Peru: School teacher competes to bring wave of democracy change

Presidential election runoff in Peru is set for a polarizing twist and turn as a hard-left schoolteacher surprises voters with his performance in elections. Pedro Castillo has caught the pulse of Peruvian people of growing discontent over Coronavirus infection surge and its handling along with shattering economy. He is set for a face-off against far-right...


Pfizer vaccine min - Home

Pfizer promises the EU another 50 million vaccines by June

After the problems with the delivery of vaccines by AstraZeneca and the sudden stop of Johnson & Johnson, the European Union once again relies on Pfizer. By June, the US pharmaceutical company will deliver 50 million additional doses of the drug developed with Germany’s BioNTech, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced yesterday. She also...
Anti coronavirus vaccines min - Home

Anti-coronavirus vaccines, Europe is losing a geopolitical war

That on vaccines is «a geopolitical war» on which «the concept of sovereignty is at stake. Observers believe that the European Union is about to lose this war, for the simple reason that on anti-coronavirus vaccines the EU pays for the lack of own production. Reflections that contrast with the story of Europe as a...


Lockheed Martin F 35 aircraft min - Home

Biden Keeps Trump Promise Of Military Sales To UAE

Extending an olive branch to the UAE, the promise made in Trump’s administration has been kept in Biden’s presidency too. While most of Biden’s proposed economic layout did not include a huge sum towards defense spending, it seems he has reconciled to this one agreement that had been made with the UAE before Trump stepped...

Despite US warning, India-Russia keen on S-400 missile deal and hi tech weapon manufacturing

Despite United States warning, India is keen on manufacturing high-tech weapons with Russia under PM Modi’s Make-in-India initiative, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a meeting with his counterpart S Jaishankar stated on Tuesday. The top ministers from the two countries had a conversation on a wide range of issues associated with Afghanistan, space, defense,...


Joe Biden 4 min - Home
Middle East & Africa

Biden to announce an end to decades-long war

U.S. President Joe Biden in his speech on April 14 is expected to formally announce the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.  The announcement, ordering U.S. troops to withdraw by September 11, will put an end to America’s longest war. This date is significant because it marks 20 years from the date when Al-Qaeda attacked...
Al Qaeda min - Home
Middle East & Africa

Al Qaeda resurges and returns to its former strongholds in Yemen, owing to Muslim Brotherhood’s support

Sources confirmed the resurgence of Al Qaeda and re-establishing of its grip over its former strongholds in Yemen. Experts believed that Muslim Brotherhood’s wing operating in the conflict-riddled country was responsible for the return of the extremist group. The terror group became active in the country back in 2011, when rebel forces rose up against...
Benjamin Netanyahu min - Home
Middle East & Africa

We don’t recognize your authority: Israel tells ICC

JERUSALEM: Israel will tell the International Criminal Court (ICC) that it does not recognise the authority, which is currently planning to investigate the war crimes in the Palestinian territories. In a statement on Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would never cooperate with the inquiry, but will send a response. “It is to be...


John Kerry min - Home
Asia Pacific Focus

US climate envoy in shanghai for climate talks

U.S. climate envoy John Kerry is in China for talks on Thursday, as the two countries look forward to cooperate over the environment despite being at loggerheads on other fronts. This trip is important as it lies shortly ahead of U.S. President Joe Biden’s climate summit of world leaders. Biden’s virtual summit will take place...
Myanmar protest 1 min - Home
Asia Pacific Focus

Myanmar to see protests amidst new year celebrations

Myanmar pro-democracy activists have, on Tuesday, pledged to hold several rounds of protests this week to keep the pressure on the military leadership during the country’s most important holiday of the year. Thingyan, the five-day New Year holidays, is usually celebrated with a ritual cleaning of Buddha images in temples, prayers, and throwing high-spirited water...
Alibaba min - Home
Asia Pacific Focus

China imposes a record $2.75 bn fine on Alibaba for monopolistic conduct

Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group, the world’s greatest e-commerce company got massively fined by China’s regulator on Saturday. A record sum of $2.75 billion fine was imposed on the company for violating anti-monopoly laws and taking advantage of its dominant market position, marking the highest antitrust fine ever, Reuters reported. Alibaba’s richest founder Jack Ma’s Company...

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