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BIDEN1 - Home

Biden Promise Shows Shift Towards Quick Economic Recovery Road

As Joe Biden was sworn in as the new American dream for a better tomorrow, discussions around his stimulus package are already doing rounds in the political circuit.  The bottom line drawn is that the seriousness and vow of delivery will entirely depend on the effectiveness of his stimulus package.  According to a former economic...
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Trump administration imposes more sanctions on Venezuela

Trump administration has imposed more financial sanctions on Venezuela to limit its oil sales A day ahead of leaving the White House, the outgoing Trump administration imposed an array of strict financial sanctions on a network of oil trading companies and individuals in Venezuela.  As per reports, the US targeted the network for allegedly assisting...


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Sweden Retracts Vaccine Stored Under Wrong Temperatures

The country that was boasting about combating the Corona Virus through herd immunity has failed yet again, in mitigating the virus spread, as it administered vaccines to its Swedes stored at the wrong temperature while being transported.  Swedish medical facilities have landed up giving some 1000 patients the Covid-19 vaccine stored in the wrong temperature....
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How dangerous is jailed Navalny to Putin?

Alexei Navalny returned to Moscow five months after being poisoned with nerve agent Novichok and receiving treatment at a Berlin hospital, and landed straight into prison. At the airport authorities detained Navalny, the opposition leader and most prominent Kremlin critic.  Interestingly, now for over a decade, Vladimir Putin has refrained from taking his name, mostly...
FRANCE11 - Home

France Might Wish To Legalize Cannabis

With the way Cannabis is being consumed in France, there are chances it could certify legal use of the same.  What had started to remain banned since the 1700s, is starting to get acceptance in France.  The political stance is softening towards it; so is the commerciality of it, as shops are starting to keep...


Geopolitics are strangling the global telecoms supply chain11 - Home

Is geopolitics impacting the global telecom supply chain?

Global telecom supply chain: Huawei is among the biggest tech giants and owner of the 5G patent, in contrast to the Western firms. However, stopping Huawei’s access to 5G chipsets from US semiconductor firms can hurt the American economy and moderate the 5G expansion. Closing doors on China would additionally disable the 5G future development....


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Middle East & Africa

With ‘tyrant’ Trump’s exit and Biden bringing hopes of Obama-era return, are Iran’s nuclear facilities safe from attack?

With the exit of ‘tyrant’ Trump, as called by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, Tehran is taking a big but careful sigh of relief. Rouhani has called on the incoming president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, to return to JCPOA, the 2015 nuclear deal formulated under former US President Barack Obama.  In a...


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Asia Pacific Focus

Biden’s ‘Buy America’ policy affects US trade ties, Beijing hints at the possibility of new Cold War

On Monday, US president Joe Biden signed a new executive order to focus on enhancing the US manufacturing and industrial sector. The Democratic president signed the executive order to promote the country’s long-standing ‘buy America’ policy. Biden used it to eliminate legal loopholes that limit the federal agencies in providing a favorable push to “Made...
VIETNAM11 - Home
Asia Pacific Focus

Vietnam to get a new leadership as CPV Congress kicks off

Community Party of Vietnam has begun the 13th National Congress to finalise its new leadership Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party has gathered on Monday with the aim of selecting its new leadership which will guide the country’s future policy over the next five years. Amid the ongoing fight against COVID-19 and recovery efforts, around 1,600 leading...
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Asia Pacific Focus

EU-China agreement invites criticism for its hasty giveaway and overlooking Beijing’s human rights record

Members of European Parliament MEPs criticized the EU-China Comprehensive Investment Agreement (CIA) and the hurried manner in which it got formalized. Many slammed German chancellor, Angela Merkel, for her determination to secure the deal, overlooking not only Beijing’s questionable human rights record but also risking the EU’s ties with Washington. The agreement was seen by...
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Asia Pacific Focus

Taiwan’s Hsiao Bi-Khim attends Biden’s inauguration, signaling towards building strong ties with the US

Taiwan was given the U.S. official initiation on Wednesday (Jan. 20) for the first time since President Jimmy Carter cut off political ties with Taiwan in 1979. Taiwan’s envoy to the United States Hsiao Bi-Khim attended President-elect Joe Biden’s inaugural ceremony at the Capitol Hill. At 11 a.m., just ere Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, Hsiao posted...
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Asia Pacific Focus

Indian Vaccine Variant To Steer Clear-Off Immunity Compromised Patients

Bharat Biotech has warned against severe side effects of their Covaxin, especially for those who are immuno compromised or are taking medication that can effect their immune system.  Those being administered the vaccine should also disclose any underlying allergies and ailments to their officer in-charge, the pharmaceutical company has warned.  As the vaccine received emergency...

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