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file photo: brazil's president jair bolsonaro attends the ceremony for the modernization of occupational health and safety regulations, in brasilia

Bolsonaro accused of crimes against humanity

Brazil -Brazilian senators probing the country’s COVID-19 outbreak management have removed a recommendation from their report that President Bolsonaro should be charged with homicide and genocide. Instead, the senators are now alleging him of “crimes against humanity.” Those leading the congressional probe convened a meeting late on Tuesday to ponder over the report prepared by...
maduro ally in court to face corruption charges

Maduro ally in court to face corruption charges

Venezuela -Venezuela’s government announced on Saturday to halt negotiations with its political opponents – in retaliation for the extradition of a close ally of President Nicolás Maduro. Prosecutors believe the ally could be a significant witness to corruption in the South American nation. A businessman who prosecutors think as a major conduit for corruption by...


polish pm and eu chief executive in debate on poland's challenge to the supremacy of eu laws, in strasbourg

Poland under fire over challenging EU laws

Europe -The European Union’s top official has said that a ruling by Poland’s constitutional court challenges the supremacy of the bloc’s laws. She said the Polish ruling would not be left unanswered. Ursula von der Leyen said the verdict by Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal was “a direct threat to the unity of the European order” and...
czech pm babis wants smooth power handover to opposition

Czech PM Babis wants smooth power handover to Opposition

Czech –Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis is set to hand power to the opposition parties that have won a combined majority in the Parliament’s lower house in an election last weekend. Babis is heading the centrist ANO party. He acknowledged the opposition win but held out the possibility, until Friday, that he may have the...
alexander schallenberg sworn in as austrias new chancellor replacing kurz due to charges of corruption and bribery against him

Alexander Schallenberg sworn in as Austria’s new chancellor, replacing Kurz due to charges of corruption and bribery against him

Austria -Alexander Schallenberg sworn in as Austria’s new chancellor. He replaced Sebastian Kurz, who resigned after he was implicated in a corruption scandal. During the ceremony, Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen said the government needed to restore public trust eroded by the allegations of Kurz’s wrongdoing. Schallenberg, is a 52-years-old politician who was previously...
eu uk squabble over reduced fishing rights

EU, UK squabble over reduced fishing Rights

UK -Fourteen EU member states are gearing up to issue a joint declaration alleging the British government of “significant social and economic damage” to their fishing communities. Wider relations between the UK and EU countries appear close to breaking point. Belgium, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, Sweden, Latvia, and...


geopolitics of chaos the sahel one of the most unstable regions in the world

Geopolitics of Chaos, the Sahel: one of the most unstable regions in the world

Sahel -For years, a cross-border conflict has occurred in the Sahel area involving government forces, armed insurgency groups, terrorist cells, and international actors. However, the armed insurgency in states such as Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger increasingly threatens the survival of weak central governments supported by traditional powers, such as France, whose role in the...
communal violence in bangladesh could have been triggered through staged lies hm asaduzzaman khan

Communal Violence In Bangladesh Could Have Been Triggered Through Staged Lies: HM Asaduzzaman Khan

Bangladesh – The communal violence in Bangladesh has become a heart-wrenching debacle. Bangladeshi Indians are being massacred and burnt by religious violence. The first incident happened on the eve of Durga Puja where several minority Hindus were caught in a religious crossfire, where paramilitary had to be deployed to contain the violence. Hindus are a...
china challenges the us even in space

China challenges the US even in Space

Xi Jinping wants to make China a superpower even among the stars. The new “leap forward” to compete and, who knows, overtake America has already begun: with pharaonic plans that advance quickly. And then, after the launch into orbit of Beidou, the satellite system that will have to compete with the stars and stripes GPS,...
us to exert pressure on beijing to act responsibly

US to exert pressure on Beijing to act responsibly

Beijing -The past few months have seen a series of proactive US engagements with its allies in the Indo-Pacific region. This was headlined by the announcement of an enhanced Australia-UK-US (AUKUS) trilateral security partnership. Moreover, there was a first-ever in-person Quad Leaders’ summit wherein India, Japan, Australia and the US participated. This notable sequence of...


syrian govt opposition drafting constitutional reforms
Middle East & Africa

Syrian Govt, opposition drafting constitutional reforms

Syria’s government and opposition have started drafting constitutional reforms, a significant step after nine months of talks and several fruitless rounds. Geir Pedersen – UN special envoy for Syria – didn’t talk of the core of this agreement or offer details of what is coming next. It merits mentioning that the drafting sessions will formally...


north korea insists on missile tests
Asia Pacific Focus

North Korea insists on missile tests

An unidentified missile was launched from North Korea and ended up in the sea off its east coast. The South Korean General Staff Command reported without further details, signaling the launch as yet another series of tests started a month ago. The launch seems to follow the one made on 28 September, when a rocket...
indonesia malaysia shows concern as australia plans to get nuclear submarines
Asia Pacific Focus

Indonesia & Malaysia shows concern as Australia plans to get nuclear submarines

Indonesia -The foreign ministers of Malaysia and Indonesia expressed severe concerns on Australia’s plan to obtain nuclear-powered submarines. It is really bothering other countries as there are increased chances of having rivalry between major powers in Southeast Asia. Last month, superpowers the U.S., Britain, and Australia announced that they have formed a security alliance that...

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