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Twitter suspends Pennsylvania Senator after election integrity hearing

The operations Twitter account of Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano, who directed Wednesday’s election integrity recording, has been halted. Senator Mastriano of Pennsylvania’s 33rd District arranged and chaired the conference in the state’s Senate Thursday on election integrity that highlighted an appearance by President Donald Trump. Conservative critic Jack Posobiec was the first to remark that...
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Why Michael Morell Might Undermine Biden Peaceful Moves

The possible appointment of Michael Morell as the top man to run the CIA under the President elect Joe Biden’s presidency doesn’t seem to gathering support from the Senate’s Intelligence Committee. According to a democrat, Morell has been known as a ‘torture apologist’ and his tactics are not in good taste. Morell has served the...
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GSA acknowledges Biden’s win, formal transition kickstarts two weeks after the election results

GSA acknowledges Biden’s win: Two weeks after the election results, President Donald Trump has finally agreed to commence the formal transition of presidency after GSA (General Services Administration) acknowledges victory of Joe Biden. However, Trump hasn’t conceded the elections results as he vows to continue his contesting of election results. The series of events came...
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Trump does not give up: “Will appeal”

Trump does not give up: A Pennsylvania federal judge rejected Donald Trump’s lawsuit to suspend the certification of millions of votes in the state. According to Judge Matthew Brann, the case, based on allegations of irregularities, is “unfounded” as no merit legal arguments and speculative accusations were presented to the court. “In the United States...
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Trump makes futile attempts to overturn the election results as Michigan backs Biden win, narrowing down President’s options

Trump makes futile attempts to overturn the election results: On Friday, President Donald Trump could be seen as making few of his last but futile and dangerous attempts to overturn the November 3rd Presidential election results – something unprecedented in American history. The desperate desire to stay in White House reflects poorly on his ego...


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Brexit deal enters decisive phase, no certainty visible on cards

With just 36 days left in termination of UK’s transition period, the pressure started mounting on both the sides to finalise a deal. Despite the pressure, things didn’t seem to be moving towards finalisation and what followed was the EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier threat to David Frost that he might pull out of the...
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Recovery Fund, risks for Europe after veto of Poland and Hungary

An unprecedented set of European resources (around 1,800 billion euros) risks of being frozen. If the heads of State and Government do not overcome the impasse caused by the veto imposed by Poland and Hungary at the European Council. The crux concerns respect for the rule of law. Poland and Hungary refuse that the disbursement...
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Brexit deal on verge of being finalised as deadline nears

Brexit deal: EU and UK negotiators have finalised a possible Brexit deal with talks on key issues still underway EU and UK negotiators have indicated that a trade and security agreement is close to being finalised after marathon talks over a Brexit deal. As per media reports, both sides have managed to reach a breakthrough...
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Macron to form a council of Imams

Macron to form a council of Imams: Europe continues to seek solutions to radical Islam sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood in the wake of the recent attacks that have bloodied Paris, Manchester, and Vienna. The biggest problems occurred in France, where the government has chosen a hard line against political Islam, ordering the closure of...


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How and why Covid-19 will affect geopolitics

Covid-19 had an immediate and massive impact. But how will it affect the geopolitics in the long run? Some answers we can find in Martin Wolf’s analysis for the Financial Times on the consequences of the new coronavirus. What do we already know after ten months of pandemic? We get that the world was ill-equipped...
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Two bridges and India & China’s pursuit to gain precedence in strategic Maldives

 India and China have recently been engaged in conflicts swathing across regional issues in order to gain primacy over the other. The most strategically and geopolitically important one of them being relations with Maldives, smallest Asian island country located in the heart of Indian Ocean.  The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, a 2.1-mile-long bridge connecting capital Male...
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COVID-19 and geopolitics over a global superpower

Amid the ongoing fight against COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitics over a global superpower is changing  At a time when countries across the world is struggling to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese economy is growing in a bid to help the country attain the status of a superpower over the United States. While the...
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RCEP, the largest trade agreement in the world has born

The largest trade agreement: The free agreement in history has been signed in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. We are talking about Asia, and yes above all, about China. In fact, Beijing brings home an unprecedented result: a commercial alliance with the nearby “Asian tigers” and with Australia and Japan, long ago in the US...


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Middle East & Africa

‘Spare Tigray civilians’: Ethiopia urged as PM gives rebels 72 hours to surrender

Spare Tigray civilians: Ethiopia is facing humanitarian crisis to extremity, attracting international cries of sparing civilians in the Tigray region. Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed has given the Tigrayan rebel forces 72 hours to surrender as military advances on the capital, Mekelle. The rebels of region, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which control the mountainous...
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Middle East & Africa

African Growth Needs Innovative Technological Push : UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

African Growth Needs Innovative Technological Industrial Push: Africa has been clearly giving out signals that it is interested in developing its economy. Infrastructural development is close on heels. The message has been getting mixed responses from across the world.  Marking the African Industrialization Day recently, UN Secretary- General Antonio Guterres said that, “Technology and innovation...