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Merrick Garland Might Be America’s Next Attorney General

It looks like Judge Merrick Garland is going to be chosen to do the difficult job of manning the Attorney General’s role in Joe Biden’s administration. Earlier sidelined in the Obama administration, he was even then a prominent candidate for the role. Biden somehow has had his eye on the man who brings with him...
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Fake Vaccines Doing Rounds In Countries

Earlier it was a rush for the right vaccine candidate, but now there are fake vaccines also doing rounds. In Mexico, six people were recently arrested for dealing with the sale of fake vaccines.  The arrest, the federal Public Safety Department said was made in the northern border state of Nuevo León. They declined to...


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COVID-19, the Boris Johnson plan to bring the UK back to normal

From the reopening of the stadiums to the concerts until the end of the social distancing scheduled for next June. Boris Johnson offered his “road-map” to get out “irreversibly” and “forever”, albeit “with caution”, from the latest lockdown now in force since January 3 across the United Kingdom and return to normal. The British Prime...
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AstraZeneca vaccine is at the center of skepticism as Europe’s immunization drive looks in jeopardy

German politicians are supporting the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine amid soaring doubts around the vaccine hampering Europe’s Covid-19 immunization program. Last month there was a tug-of-war between European Commission and AstraZeneca, the British – Swedish vaccine manufacturer.  German media has defined the Oxford vaccine as a “shelf warmer” after only 17% of total doses delivered to Germany...
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US realigns its strategy with Europe to bring democratic reforms in Venezuela

With the recent US presidential election bringing in Democrat government in the White House, led by Joe Biden, Venezuelan opposition became more hopeful of pushing peaceful democratic reforms in the country. The South American country under the reign of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has drifted away from democratic political system towards soft dictatorship. Rebuilding ties...



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Middle East & Africa

Haber Gaalu apologies on behalf of Somali Information Minister Osman Dubbe’s Remarks

On Tuesday, Haber Gaalu, a sheik representing the tribe of Emiratis in Somalia issued an official statement apologizing to the partner Arab nations, especially the United Arab Emirates on behalf of the Somali Information, Culture, and Tourism Minister, Osman Dubbe. Dubbe in his recent remarks supported the extension of the rule of the outgoing President...
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Middle East & Africa

After criticized vaccine hold up, Israel delivers 2000 doses to Gaza

Israel has finally permitted Palestine to deliver blocked 2000 doses of Sputnik Covid-19 vaccine to the Gaza Strip after much-criticized development in which vaccine doses were blocked at an Israeli checkpoint on Monday. After Palestinian authorities criticized the hold-up, Israel released vaccines that would vaccinate 1000 people in Gaza out of 2 million population.  An...


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Asia Pacific Focus

“Trans-Atlantic alliance is back”, UK reiterates Biden’s recent declaration of tackling region’s security challenges

 At the conference, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reiterated US President Joe Biden’s recent declaration regarding the formation of a new “trans-Atlantic Quad” to unitedly tackle the security challenges in the region. Of late, while discussing America’s newly adopted multilateral engagement approach Biden said “the trans-Atlantic alliance is back”. His statement hinted at the beginning...
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Asia Pacific Focus

Singapore, Indonesia lead ASEAN push to solve Myanmar crisis

Singapore, Indonesia are calling for ASEAN support to help resolve Myanmar’s political situation As military coup continues to persist in Myanmar, Indonesia and Singapore are leading the ASEAN push to resolve the political crisis in the Southeast Asian country. Indonesia and Singapore are calling for a meeting of foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast...
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Asia Pacific Focus

N Korea tries to break into Pfizer to get Covid-19 vaccine data, the second time in months

On Tuesday, the South Korean intelligence agency reported about the recent attempt by North Korean cyber forces to hack into US drugmaker, Pfizer’s system. During a closed-door meeting with the country’s lawmakers, Seoul’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) reported that its northern neighbor has been trying to steal the pharmaceutical company’s COVID-19 vaccine data. Pfizer, in tie-up...
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Asia Pacific Focus

China: Tianwen-1 mission successfully enters Mars orbit

On Wednesday, China successfully landed its spacecraft, Tianwen-1 mission, in Mars’ orbit. It was the first time the Asian giant was able to enter the Red Planet. It was a huge leap for the Chinese spacecraft program, as it was the first time a Chinese mission had successfully reached Mars. The five-tonne spacecraft, which consisted...

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