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Texas and Mississippi lift the obligation to wear Covid protections, Biden furious: “Primitive reasoning, Neanderthal stuff”

Texas and Mississippi lift the obligation to wear Covid protections by March, 10. The two states follow the example of Montana, Iowa, North Dakota, Louisiana, and Michigan. They have already loosened their ties, while in the other 10 states there has never been mandatory, the only recommended masks, and the imposition left to the initiative...
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Texas becomes the first US state to lift mask mandate

Texas becomes the first US state to end the mask mandate amid the pandemic, Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday. Making it the most populous state to end one of the most useful methods to slow down the virus spread. Abbott stated at a news meeting on Tuesday, “It is currently an ideal moment to...
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For America, The Pandemic Storm Has Not Passed

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that there is a chance of a fourth level of Covid-19 pandemic in the US provided, America is able to control the surging numbers. Cases had started to fall between February 7 and 21, but have started to rise again as variants of Covid-19 are starting...
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The return of Donald Trump, “I could run and win again”

“Hi CPAC. Did you miss me?”. So, Donald Trump greeted the crowd at the Orlando Conservative Political Action Conference. The former president has chosen the annual meeting of American conservatives for his first public appearance since his farewell to the White House. In a speech that lasted an hour and a half, alternating jokes and...


UK over delay in Brexit deal - Home

EU threatens to launch legal proceedings against the UK over delay in Brexit deal relating to N Ireland

After the UK unilaterally delayed part of the Brexit deal implementation relating to Northern Ireland, Brussels has threatened it of legal proceedings ‘pretty soon’. No 10’s announcement on Wednesday had come out as a “very negative surprise”, said Maros Sefcovic, Vice President European Commission.  The announcement made by UK cabinet office minister, David Frost, noted...
Eu Vaccine11 - Home

Vaccination drive in EU: Where the problem lies?

European Union is facing backlash over lagged vaccination pace among its member states against Coronavirus infection. The European Commission has imposed strict export controls over vaccines produced within bloc borders after vaccine rollout faced a massive hurdle with insufficient vaccine availability and supply. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, has been able to approve,...


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From Russia to China, foreign interference is putting European security and values at risk

Europe is continually threatened by countless state and non-state actors who interfere within the Union’s decision-making processes through media and disinformation campaigns. For this reason, the Commission and the EU Parliament have established the introduction of a special committee, the EP Special Committee on Foreign Interference in all Democratic Processes in the European Union, including...
GeoPolitics - Home

Why Durant Line Is Making Afghanistan Insecure?

The Durant Line is the new bone of contention between neighbors Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was a mutual settlement between the nations in order to create a sense of peace between two Pashtun tribal lands. Since its inception, Pakistan has had trouble with its neighbor Afghanistan.  Off late, Pakistan has been trying to build a...
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Coronavirus vaccination map, a new foreign policy tool

Mass vaccination campaigns reinforce the hope that the exit from the pandemic nightmare is not far off. Vaccines are becoming a weapon of the geopolitical dispute, to the point that some observers have spoken of a health cold war. The scenario is complex and the strategies of the various countries are by no means homogeneous....



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Asia Pacific Focus

To beat China’s increasing influence in the region, Japan turns to Taiwan to facilitate Trans-Pacific Partnership

Taiwan is now turning towards the latter to form Trans-Pacific Partnership. Tokyo and Taipei had a bitter-sweet relationship in the past with one faction of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party siding with Taiwan, while the other backing China. But the increasing security concerns and Beijing’s aggressive expansion in the region pushed Japan to explore its...
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Asia Pacific Focus

China, South Korea expand military ties with new hotlines

Defence ministries of South Korea and China open new hotlines to enhance military ties  China and South Korea on Tuesday agreed on expanding their military communications by setting up two more hotlines in order to strengthen bilateral ties and prevent potential miscalculations. The defence ministries of the two neighbouring countries signed a revised memorandum of...
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Asia Pacific Focus

Beijing steps up efforts to increase global influence

China is boosting efforts to increase global influence campaign amid rising international criticism Amid increasing international criticism and discontent over various issues such as Hong Kong, the origin of the COVID-19 virus, and the treatment of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, China is scrambling for efforts to enhance its influence campaign across the world. This development...
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Asia Pacific Focus

South Korean rights group exposes North Korea’s Blood Coal Export scandal

The Seoul-based rights group, Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (NKHR) published a report exposing the North Korean regime’s exploitation of political prisoners, including children, who were forced into coal production to help boost its exports. Observers said that the funds earned from exports would eventually be used in fuelling the country’s nuclear and...

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