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nicaragua democracy

Nicaragua’s freedom is in a questionable state

Democracy in Nicaragua is hanging by a thread and its citizens are thinking that it may slip very soon into the hands of the dictatorship. Their President Daniel Ortega used his undisputed power to crack down and take disadvantage of country’s police and courts to fulfil his political favours. Treating the opposition with brutal efficiency,...

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nicaragua democracy

Nicaragua’s freedom is in a questionable state

Democracy in Nicaragua is hanging by a thread and its citizens are thinking that it may slip very soon into the hands of the dictatorship. Their President Daniel Ortega used his undisputed power to crack down and take disadvantage of country’s police and courts to fulfil his political favours. Treating the opposition with brutal efficiency,...
nato us

NATO is back, US and EU against China and Russia

NATO is back, “stronger than ever”, to face the systemic challenges posed by China’s aggressive policies and Russia’s continuing violations of international law. After a four-hour summit, the leaders of the thirty countries of the Atlantic Alliance showed a common front. Leading them, this time is the American president, Joe Biden, who at his first...
kamala harris

Why Kamala Harris Has Not Visited The US Mexico Border?

Vice President Kamala Harris’ first international trip into Central America seems to have not gone well. There are some strange embarrassments of her fumbling over border questions which the White House administration will have some explaining to do over. Her news conference was clumsy as she reiterated that “we have been to the border, we...
us sweeping bills

US lawmakers introduce sweeping antitrust bills to regulate Big Tech

US House lawmakers have introduced sweeping bills to limit the market power of the country’s Big Tech companies after a 15-month long investigation carried out by the antitrust subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee. The committee led by Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline conducted a thorough investigation into the powers of the US technology giants,...
latin america elections

Latin America leaning towards Left amid growing public dissent

Latin American appears to be deeply divided between the Left and the Right as countries across the region witness highly polarised elections in recent months. As of now, Peruvians are waiting for the final results of the country’s most heated presidential elections in its modern history. On Wednesday, around 99.8 percent of the ballots were...


eu germany

EU Commission Goes Legal Against German Mutiny

Germany is in trouble as European Commission has decided to take legal action against its own court’s ruling in May last year. In a German court ruling, it was decided that the European Court of Justice should not have backed the European Central Bank’s bond buying stimulus program. While this was done to ease the...
eu parliament

Polish man has been charged as a spy in EU parliament

A Polish man suspected of spying on the European Parliament for Russia has been arrested. He has been identified as Janusz N. and is said to have carried out activities in favour of the Russian Federation. Stanislaw Zaryn, spokesman for the head of Poland’s security services, mentioned that he was instructed by officials working for...
european member parliament

European Parliament to legally proceed against Commission over Hungary & Poland, gains MEPs support

 European Parliament is set to legally proceed against European Commission over its failure to impose financial sanctions on Poland and Hungary for not following and undermining rule of law. MEPs (Member of Parliament) have supported and backed the Parliament over this decision. The legal process would constitute preparation of a case that would be expectantly...
european cities

European cities have become less livable after covid hit

The liveability standards in European cities have decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whereas on the other hand, cities in Oceania and Japan grab the first six spots on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index 2021. This report is published biannually and takes record of 140 cities around the world on their living conditions...
northern ireland

Northern Irish Government Gets Its First Minister

As the Northern Irish government gets its own respect as a devolved government, it has chosen its first minister. It is lawmaker Paul Givan.  This move is being seen as confirming the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party’s (DUP’s) return to its traditionalist roots and comes amid turmoil over the impact of Brexit. Downing Street had...


australia space

Australia Spearheads Geopolitics In Outer Space

There is a geopolitical war happening over a share of a pie in air space as well. While dominating the scene has been the US, Russia and China, Australis is now looking at expanding its horizon and vie for space there. Australia has already set up a military unit that will be protecting its satellites...
g7 covid19

Will G7 leaders initiate calls for fresh WHO inquiries into origins of Covid-19? Leaked communique suggests so

 A leaked communique ahead of meeting of G7 leaders in Cornwall next week suggests initiation of calls for fresh investigation by WHO (World Health Organization) into origins of Covid-19 causing SARS-CoV-2 virus. Leaked draft communique for the meeting suggested that the leaders of G7 nations would be calling out the new investigations by WHO about...
covid19 vaccine immunity

Immunity & Covid-19 vaccine regime: what do we know?

Covid-19 pandemic has kept all scientists on their toes who are trying to get better understanding around immunity around the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Immunity that is achieved both after contracting and recovering from Covid-19 infection, as well as after receiving vaccine against the coronavirus – single dose, both doses and also booster dose. The other part...
china pakistan

Chinese Show Of Camaraderie To Pakistan A Doubled Edge Sword

China is finding notorious routes and ways to get back at India. It has been gradually increasing its ‘friendly’ interest in Pakistan. The arch enemy of India, that continues to hold secret training camps for Turkish intelligence, it has been noted that Pakistan has recruited many unemployed youth from South India, on the behest of...


Middle East & Africa

Iraq forms a plan to counter power crises

Iraq is thinking of a plan to make nuclear reactors as the electricity-starved country seeks to put widespread blackouts, sparking social unrest, to an end. OPEC’s No. 2 oil producer is suffering from power shortages and inadequate investment in ageing plants. This needs to meet an anticipated 50% jump in demand by the edge of...
saudiarabia oman
Middle East & Africa

Saudi Arabia, Oman discuss trade and investment

A virtual meeting between senior Saudi and Omani officials was held on Tuesday, where trade and investment opportunities between both countries were discussed at length. As per the reports of Oman’s state television, Omani Commerce and Industry Minister Qais al-Yousef and Saudi Investment Minister Khalid al-Falih carried out the talks. The meeting comes a few...


malaysia king meet
Asia Pacific Focus

King of Malaysia meets key politicians to discuss the covid situation in the country

A series of the meeting was started by Malaysian king several political leaders amid public discontent over the government’s handling of a coronavirus crisis that has forced the nation into a third lockdown. Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s administration imposed strict COVID-19 measures for two weeks in the country. With this announcement so far they have...
us covid vaccine donation
Asia Pacific Focus

US to aid Taiwan in its fight against Covid-19

The United States has announced to donate 750,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses to Taiwan as the latter is in dire need of jabs to boost its fight against the pandemic. Three US Senators, speaking at Taipei’s downtown Songshan airport, announced that Taiwan would be getting 750,000 vaccines as part of the first tranche of donations. The...

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