Thursday September 21, 2023

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Ukraine War

ukraine war how far has kyiv progressed in its counteroffensive

Ukraine War: How Far Has Kyiv Progressed In Its

In early June, war-ravaged Ukraine began its big counteroffensive to push Russian

Elon Musk Feared a ‘Mini-Pearl Habor’, Thwarted Ukrainian

Ukraine has knives all out for Elon Musk as a new biography

NATO Clears Russia of Drone Violation, No Deliberate

NATO said there was no sign Russia deliberately attacked Romania after Romanian


are diet fads healthy experts say a 'diet' shouldn't feel like one

Are Diet Fads Healthy? Experts Say A

Merriam-Webster has multiple different meanings for the term ‘diet’. But there are

Japan Assessed Impact Of Carbs And Fats On Longevity

Involving 34,893 men and 46,440 women, ranging in age from 35 to

Busting Medical Myths: Exploring Popular Misconceptions About Stroke

More than 795,000 people in the US have a stroke every year,

Middle East & Africa

a new era is dawning in uae saudi relations

A new era is dawning in UAE-Saudi relations

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), the two countries in the

uae prepares for unga78 and climate ambition summit all you need to know

UAE Prepares For UNGA78 And Climate Ambition Summit –

UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan will lead the country’s delegation

no endgame as syria conflict rolls on, turkey targets kurds

No Endgame as Syria Conflict Rolls On, Turkey Targets

The civil war in Syria continues to claim more lives, this time two women fighters, Kurds,

egypt's presidential election 2024 a way out of economic crisis

Egypt’s Presidential Election 2024: A Way Out of Economic

The most populous country in the Middle East is considering holding presidential elections before the end

Climate Change

climate change taking toll on world’s development goals un

Climate Change Taking Toll on World’s Development

Countries are not going to achieve their development goals anytime soon because

Danger: Hurricane Lee strengthens to Category 5 storm

Hurricane Lee has become a powerful Category 5 storm, with a destructive

Biden cancels Trump’s gas leases in Alaska’s largest wildlife

Joe Biden’s administration in the United States has canceled oil and gas

Asia Pacific Focus

The Biden Presidency