Once again, the UAE passport ranks strongest in the world
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Once again, the UAE passport ranks strongest in the world

 UAE UAE – In its Global Passport Index, Arton Capital positioned the UAE passport as the most powerful globally. They ranked it first worldwide to accomplish the highest mobility score, with the passport permitting to enter 152 nations. 

Around 98 nations grant visa-free entry, 54 countries provide visas on arrival, and 46 nations need access before entering.

The ranking depends on the visa-free travel to passport holders and freedom of movement. The strength of the passport doesn’t just address the citizen’s identity, but it’s an essential part affecting its entrance to global opportunities, the quality of life, and efficiency of movement.

In December 2018, The UAE passport was ranked strongest in the world for the first time. It maintained its highest rank again in 2019 yet slipped to fourteenth in 2020. The UAE passport regained its greatness once more in 2021, becoming the strongest worldwide one more. 

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The rankings have been revised following visa-free agreements became invalid between the nations following the flare-up of the pandemic.

To contain the spread of coronavirus, numerous nations have forced travel limitations on different countries where the cases were increasing day by day. 

Israel’s passport is the second strongest after the UAE in the Middle East region. Positioned seventeenth universally, Israeli passport holders gain visa-free entry in eighty-nine nations and a visa on arrival in thirty-seven nations, while 72 governments require visa permission before boarding. 

The UAE recently amended its citizenship law, permitting professionals, investors, unique talent, and families to obtain Emirati citizenship and passport under specific conditions.

UAE citizenship offers a broad scope of advantages, including the opportunity to set up your business substances and buy property.

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