China Focuses On Israel Iran For Trade Power Through Cyber Warfare
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China Focuses On Israel Iran For Trade Power Through Cyber Warfare

Chinese cyber attack on Israeli and Iranian websites, personal accounts continue unbated. This week confirmed reports have come in of systematic cyber attacks on public and private sector accounts in Israel, Saudi Arabia and a variety of other countries for information and technological business advancements.

This is in line with a long-term spying strategy in Beijing where it is focusing on spying on Middle Eastern countries, using the fact that many of them are essentially at odds with each other, especially when doing business with China.

 This has been ascertained by the cybersecurity company FireEye, which is certain that the basic aim is to gain intelligence that can help Beijing achieve an upper hand over its counterparts in the Middle East, to start with.

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Beijing has a trade advantage of pricing by checking and scanning mails of corporates and then to appropriate certain key technological developments. This seems like a pathetically unscrupulous way to do business with its counterparts.

China has been known, like Russia to rage a cyberwar that has compromised the data security of multinationals across Europe, US and the Middle East as well.

Additionally, Beijing’s cyberattack somewhere coincides with loophole exploits in Microsoft’s SharePoint, announced by Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD)in 2019. Despite this, China continues to spy over Israeli assets in a focused manner. China has been troubling India and its IT structures over malware attacks that were embedded into its hardware that was being purchased by India for various purposes. Since end of 2020, India has reduced its dependency on Chinese parts and is focusing on ramping up its own in house resources. Similar cyberthefts have been reported by NATO nations too in the last couple of months.

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