White House: POTUS and China’s Xi plan to hold a virtual conference before the end of 2021
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White House: POTUS and China’s Xi plan to hold a virtual conference before the end of 2021

With tensions ascending between the US and China, the White House stated that POTUS Joe Biden and Chinese pioneer Xi Jinping are expected to hold a virtual conference before the end of 2021. 

The agreement for the talks was announced after senior Chinese foreign policy adviser Yang Jiechi and the White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan met in Zurich, Switzerland, on Wednesday.

The White House this week raised concerns over China’s “inciting” actions that threaten regional harmony and stability in the region. Recently, China has sent many military aircraft that entered Taiwan’s air defense zone on Monday. 

Sullivan stressed to Yang in the Swiss meeting that there is a need to continue with open lines of correspondence, also raised concerns regarding China’s new military incitements against Taiwan, denials of fundamental rights against ethnic minorities, and Beijing’s attempts to suppress pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong, the White House stated.

Yang, however, expressed that China opposes describing the relationship as competitive and asked Washington to stop criticizing by using human rights, Hong Kong and Taiwan issues as they are internal affairs of the nation.

Sullivan clearly stated that while the United States continues to invest into our own nationwide strength,” it looked for better commitment at a senior level “to guarantee healthy competition,” the statement added. 

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The White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced that the two nations are still planning for the virtual meeting how it will take place between the two world leaders.

The talks on Wednesday were defined as constructive, positive, respectful and possibly the most extensive discussions since Biden took charge of the nation in January, as per officials. 

Moreover, the relations between the two nations are going through tough times. However, the two sides seemed to project much room for possible compromise between the two world powers.

However, regardless of the mutual aspirations, the relationship has become progressively odd as of late. For example, when Biden took office, his decision stunned numerous political analysts as he continued the sanctions on China, which former President Donald Trump had imposed in 2018.

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