US designates Russian white supremacist group as terrorists for the first time

US designates Russian white supremacist group as terrorists for the first time

The United States designated the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM), a Russian nationalist group, as a foreign terrorist organization. The announcement came from the White House on April 6, wherein the US Counter-Terrorism said that this is the first time the country has ever designated supremacist terrorists. Blacklisting the Russian Imperial Movement, Nathan Sales, coordinator for the state department counter-terrorism, also maintained that the Trump administration takes such threats very seriously. In his statement on the matter, Sales said that the group has “innocent blood on its hands”.

Along with the group, the United States has also labelled three of its top leaders (Stanislav Anatolyevich Vorobyev, Denis Valliullovich Gariev, and Nikolay Nikolayevich Trushchalov) as specially designated global terrorists which will ensure that they separate sanctions.

As per the provision of the terror designation, the members of the group will not be allowed to enter the United States and all their assets in the country will be frozen. Furthermore, the Trump administration will be authorized to block the Americans from involving in any financial transactions with the members of the group.

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Reportedly, the Russian Imperial Movement is an ultra-nationalist paramilitary group based in St Petersburg. The group is believed to have neo-Nazi militants training camps in Western Europe and has aided election interference in the US. The group has alleged involvement in the neo-Nazi string of bombing in the Swedish city of Gothenburg in 2016 and 2017 which targeted the immigrants in the European country. The bombings were carried out by two attackers who received training from RIM. They were later arrested, tried and convicted by the Swedish authorities.

The decision to designate the group as a terrorist organization came by the White House owing to the executive order signed by Donald Trump in 2019 which gave the right to sanction foreign organizations based on their participation in terror activities. The US President has been facing criticism over his failure to take action against the violence propagated by the white supremacy groups in the US. He has also been called out by many for extending support to European nationalist politicians.
In 2019, the US President designated Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organization.

Coronavirus. From the plague to the Second World War, the art born during isolation

Coronavirus. From the plague to the Second World War, the art born during isolation

The Savoy-born French writer and military, Xavier de Maistre, owes celebrity to his first novel, the ‘Journey around my room’, written in the busy period between the 1700s and 1800s, between the French Revolution and the advent of Napoleon. The work was born during the confinement period, a bit like what we are experiencing these days, forced to stay home because of the new coronavirus, COVID-19. On the eve of the Carnival of 1794, due to a duel, Xavier de Maistre was placed under house arrest for 42 days. Instead of sinking into depression or crying over himself, the French author took the opportunity to compose the famous booklet.

‘Journey around my room’ is made up of 42 chapters, how many were the days of isolation, during which Xavier de Maistre travels long and wide and diagonally, zigzagging and often making the chair from which he does not walk on his rear legs he loves to get unstuck, the 36 steps to the side of his square room, commenting on furniture and objects and recalling old memories. The author’s monologue often splits in a dialogue, between two parts of himself, the soul and what he called “the other”, the beast, that is the body, which bick with grace, calling themselves with respect even ” Madame “, and from which” the other ” often comes out the winner. There is also a beloved dog, Rosine, and a servant, Joannetti, also beloved and irreplaceable, who however abandoned him, because he got married and had to move to another city. Each object that the author presents to us is an occasion for digressions and anecdotes, for philosophical observations based on a current morality, benevolent, generous and witty. The rare moments of melancholy, such as the memory of a missing friend, are always overcome by momentum with a pure, sincere and never bigoted faith, of authentic and universal spiritualism that can inspire the reader who now retraces those pages during the quarantine.

Over the years many artists have taught us to look at the spaces that surround us from new points of view, Giorgio Morandi, one of the protagonists of Italian painting of the twentieth century and considered among the greatest world engravers, painted his main masterpieces during the period of isolation of the Second World War. From his studio in the house in Via Fondazza, in Bologna, where he lived with his mother and three sisters Anna, Dina and Maria Teresa, Morandi painted his famous oil on canvas, where light represents the foundation of his works. The apparent simplicity of vases, bottles, bowls, flowers, landscapes is enhanced by the pictorial quality, but also by the study of lights and shadows, the result of the long observation with which the artist used to kill time. Using very few colors is one of its particular characteristics, which makes his operas poetic and surreal and, even if it did not detail its subjects, it can be seen that they don’t lose their realism.

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Marisa Merz, who in her home in Turin, Italy, urged us to look at the world with closed eyes, which for her were “extraordinarily open”, is another great artist who during the moments of forced closure at home, has embarked on new journeys within the perimeter of her room, to try to discover new fantasy maps and new vanishing points. In 1966 Merz used her home as an atelier to exhibit her works of “poor art” making the boundaries between intimate space and public place indistinct. Weaves wefts of copper and nylon threads. Then she melts small objects, such as postcards, in the white wax that acts as a protective cocoon, evoking the feeling of protection she probably felt in her room, just as we also feel protected in our homes today from the monster, from the coronavirus circulating outside.

If it is true that history is made up of occurrences and recurrences, covid-19 is only the last virus to afflict humanity. Artists, sculptors, painters and writers have witnessed the most disastrous plagues in their works. The black plague exterminated a third of the European population between 1343 and 1363. In the introductory pages to the first “Decameron” Day, Giovanni Boccaccio describes the plague epidemic that shocked Florence in 1348, a “horrid beginning” which explains why the ten storytellers meet in the church of S. Maria Novella and decide to leave the city, justifying the raison d’etre of the novels. The opening piece of the work is a grandiose scenario of the terrible plague, in which, however, a sense of astonishment amazed by the scourge prevails and the doubt remains whether the pandemic is due to divine punishment or to some evil astral influence, already anticipating the modern mentality of the centuries to come, and which still in those who do not have faith in science, as well as among some Muslim countries.

Boccaccio seems to describe our cities today when he describes not only the rapid spread of the disease, but above all when he writes that the plague has disrupted the social fabric of Florence and has upset normal relationships even in families and to dominate it is the unbridled search for profit, especially by unscrupulous individuals. Scenes that are still repeated today with the skyrocketing prices of antibacterial gels, masks and disinfectants and in many countries, unfortunately, also foodstuffs. Numerous testimonies of the seventeenth century plague, as well as the Spanish influence that between 1918 and 1919 cost to Guillalme Apollinaire, Gustav Klimt, Amedeo De Souza Cardoso, Egon Schiele and his family the life. At the end of the quarantine, sometimes even earlier thanks to internet and social networks, we will discover art in the time of the coronavirus, as the revisitation with ‘Amuchina’ and facial masks of the famous Hayez ‘Kiss’ appeared in these days in an Italian mural, in the city of Milan, one of the most affected by the COVID-19 modern pandemic.

UK’s Prince Charles tests positive; US agrees $2 trillion stimulus to aid economy

UK’s Prince Charles tests positive; US agrees $2 trillion stimulus to aid economy

Do we still know enough about the Sars-Cov-2 virus that has brought world superpowers to their knees? As the question lingered, Spain’s death toll surpassed that of China, where the virus surfaced late last year. Meanwhile, to mitigate a fallout of the pandemic, the US Senate and the White House reached an agreement on a $2 trillion stimulus package for the US economy, and to help the millions of Americans ravaged by the situation.

Britain’s heir to the throne, Prince Charles, has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a statement from his London household.

* China’s National Health Commission reported 47 new confirmed cases and four more deaths as of March 24. It said all new cases were all imported, meaning they traveled from overseas.
* Malaysia has reported another 172 cases of the coronavirus, taking the country’s total confirmed cases to 1,796, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said in a televised address.
* The White House and Senate leaders reached a deal on a massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill to combat the economic impact of the outbreak.

The Prince of Wales has tested positive for Coronavirus. He has been displaying mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home throughout the last few days as usual.

The Trump administration struck a deal with Senate Democrats and Republicans on an historic rescue package with more than $2 trillion in spending and tax breaks to bolster the hobbled U.S. economy and fund a nationwide effort to stem the coronavirus.

The Duchess of Cornwall has also been tested but does not have the virus. In accordance with Government and medical advice, the Prince and the Duchess are now self-isolating at home in Scotland. The tests were carried out by the NHS in Aberdeenshire where they met the criteria required for testing.

The spokesman said it was difficult to determine how the prince, aged 71, contracted the virus.
It is not possible to ascertain from whom the Prince caught the virus owing to the high number of engagements he carried out in his public role during recent weeks.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said Wednesday that a surge in coronavirus cases in Africa had prompted the decision to postpone the world’s biggest sporting event.

Bach and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced Tuesday that the Olympic Games, which was due to start in Tokyo on July 24, would be postponed until no later than the summer of 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. — Elliot Smith.

United States imposed fresh sanctions on Iran
Middle East & Africa

United States imposed fresh sanctions on Iran

According to ‘Reuters’, the United States imposed fresh sanctions on Iran on Tuesday, keeping up its economic pressure campaign even as it offered to help Tehran cope with the coronavirus pandemic and called on the Islamic Republic to release detained Americans. Iran is considering freeing some U.S. citizens, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a news conference where he made clear Washington will maintain its maximum-pressure campaign to choke off Tehran’s ability to export its oil. The campaign, instituted after US President Donald Trump in 2018 unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran struck with six major powers, aims to force Iran to limit its nuclear, missile and regional activities.

Pompeo on Tuesday stated that the US State Department is blacklisting nine organizations based in South Africa, Hong Kong and China, as well as three Iranian citizens, for engaging in “significant transactions” to trade in Iranian petrochemicals. While he didn’t name them, Pompeo said the step included banning Iran’s armed forces social security investment company and its director for investing in sanctioned entities. The Commerce Department also said it will add six people – including five Iranian nuclear scientists – and 18 corporations to the U.S. “Entity List” for aiding Iran’s nuclear program, Pakistan’s unsafeguarded nuclear and missile programs, and Russian military modernization efforts.

The Commerce Department said the move covers one corporation in Iran, two entities in China, nine in Pakistan, and five in the United Arab Emirates and will constrict the export of certain items to them. The Entity List names foreign parties that are banded from receiving some or all items subject to U.S. export regulations unless the exporter secures a license, according to the department. Earlier on Monday -Reuters add – sources familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the file said the United States was unlikely to ease sanctions on Iran despite a demand from China to don’t do it because of the pandemic. Pompeo urged Iran to free American citizens detained as a humanitarian gesture because of coronavirus. Iran has recorded 16,169 coronavirus cases and 988 deaths.

How Ratcliffe might be freed over Debt transaction with Iran
Europe, Middle East & Africa

How Ratcliffe might be freed over Debt transaction with Iran

In a bizarre change of events, it has been revealed that the illegal imprisonment of British-Iranian dual national Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe by Iran could have been actually a pressure tactic on the UK to repay a long pending loan of £400million.

It is the first time that a UK or Iranian official has admitted in public that talks on the matter are underway, including the possibility of the debt being paid off through medicines and humanitarian goods. Ratcliffe is a professor by profession and was illegally detained in Iran since April 03, 2016. In early September 2016, she was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment allegedly for ‘plotting to topple the Iranian government’.

Iran is known to be skeptical and intolerant about anyone from the academia who might research, investigate or even utter a word against its running government, invariably terming such individuals as spies from the nation of their origins.

While both sides are not opening admitting the transaction might be in play, Britain’s PM has taken a different stand to the whole thing. According to him, the UK says it cannot make the payment since the Iranian ministry of defence, to which the sum is owed, is subject to EU sanctions. Similarly, the pervasive US sanctions make it difficult to make a payment to Iran’s central bank.
Meanwhile, Ratcliffe’s family has been pushing for her temporary release in the wake of the fact that coronavirus has been hitting Iranian prisoners dearly. However, reports have been shared that her condition is stable despite the widespread outbreak in the Iranian prisons.

On the issue of legitimizing the payment of the debt, The Iranian Ambassador to the UK, Hamid Baeidinejad has shared that the long drawn case that has been pending for close to 50 years come to an end, as the court has ordered the British government to pay the Iranian debt plus interest “This cannot be changed. At the same time, the opposing lawyers have tried to use every legal opportunity to delay the practical execution of the court’s decision,” he said in an official statement.

In order to cut the deal, Britain might want to settle its dues over kind while Johnson calmly and comfortably takes a diplomatic stand and said that Ratcliffe’s release should be sought by her family, on basis of sincere time served in prison and reduction of sentence is viable under good Iranian judicial system.

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Trump threatens to stop intelligence cooperation with countries dealing with Huawei

Trump threatens to stop intelligence cooperation with countries dealing with Huawei

American ambassador to Germany, Richard Grinnell, revealed that USpresident Donald Trump has threatened to stop the exchange of intelligence information with allied countries that deal with the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei.

“President Trump has instructed me to clarify that any country that chooses an unreliable 5G network provider will risk endangering our ability to share information with it, as well as top-level information,” said Grinnell on Sunday, stressing that president Trumpcalled him from the presidential plane asking him to deliver this message.

Washington is pressing its allies to stop cooperating with the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei installing high-speed 5G communication networks. The main U.S. allies in Europe, especially Britain and France, have announced that they will not stop cooperating with Huawei to build 5G networks, but will impose restrictions.

According to AFP, although the U.S. public response has been conservative the media has reported that Trump is very angry with London. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said in a security conference in Monaco on Saturday that Huawei is “a Trojan horse for Chinese intelligence”.

The Chinese telecommunications company strongly denies the United States’ allegations regarding its relations with the Chinese government and regards these relations with Washington as economic bullying. On Friday, an American court accused Huawei of further criminal charges related to intellectual property theft, adding to previous allegations that the company had stolen trade secrets from the American company “T­Mobile”.

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France calls on Lebanese Government “to move quickly”

France calls on Lebanese Government “to move quickly”

France renewed its request on Wednesday for the new Lebanese government to move quickly to meet the people’s aspirations as soon as it gained the trust in Parliament. A French Foreign Ministry spokesman announced that “it is currently the responsibility of this government to move quickly to meet the economic, social and political aspirations that Lebanese have expressed for several months”.

According to AFP, on Tuesday the Lebanese Parliament trusted the new government despite protests from demonstrators who tried to block parliament’s access to MPs with clashes broking out between them and the security forces. Since October 17, Lebanon has witnessed unprecedented demonstrations against the political class, which the Lebanese accuse of not managing the subsequent political and economic crises.

The new Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, confirmed that his government had adopted the demands of the revolutionary uprising causing an earthquake in the country and pledged to “complete an emergency plan by the end of February”.

Following the request for the formation of a technocratic government which brings together ministers completely independent from the political class, the new Government team was formed after long talks between the parties with the majority of seats in Parliament, in particular pro-Iranian Hezbollah and the free patriotic movement founded by President Michel Aoun. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indicated that the international community “awaits profound and bold reforms by the Lebanese authorities, in particular as regards economic transparency, financial resilience, the fight against corruption and the independence of the judiciary”. Read more News From Europe click us.

White House considers Putin’s proposal for meeting of UN Security Council

White House considers Putin’s proposal for meeting of UN Security Council

White House considers the proposal by Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet with leaders of countries that are permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia, UK, China, USA, France)  This was announced on Sunday by US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan.

 “I know that this proposal is under consideration at the White House,” he said.

 Sullivan noted that US President Donald Trump welcomes the opportunity to speak with the Russian leader.  “Let’s see what his reaction will be,” the ambassador added.

 On January 23, speaking at the World Holocaust Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed convening a summit of the “five” permanent members of the UN Security Council in 2020.  Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that China and France have already supported this initiative.See more News of America Today

Iranian opposition meets in Sweden .. to discuss change.
Middle East & Africa

Iranian opposition meets in Sweden .. to discuss change.

Dozens of Iranian opposition parties, organizations and personalities under the umbrella of the “Council of Democratic Forces in Iran” met in an expanded conference in Stockholm, the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden, on Saturday afternoon, to discuss ways to unify efforts and possibilities to overthrow the regime in Tehran.

The organizers stated to that delegates from the Swedish parliament, Iranian and international figures, activists and members of Iranian society organizations in the Diaspora will participate in the conference that will present how to support the protests of the Iranian interior and the role of the opposition abroad in communicating with the international community to communicate the demands and aspirations of the Iranian people in salvation From the system of Wilayat al-Faqih, and the formation of a pluralistic democratic system that represents all components of society with a national, cultural, religious and political diversity.

The Council of Democratic Forces in Iran, made up of 13 parties and organizations, is the broadest alliance of all Iranian opposition factions that includes the Persian Nationalist parties represented by the Iranian Democratic Front and the Union of People’s Fedayes and the Liberal Republicans, in addition to the parties and organizations of non-Persian nationalities, which are each of the “Kurdistan Democratic Party, The Ahwazi Democratic Solidarity Party, the Azerbaijani Political and Cultural Center, the Baloch People’s Party, the Iranian Kurdistan Alliance Party, the Turkmen Political Cultural Center, the United Front of Baluchistan, the Bakhtiari and Lorestan Union party, in addition to a number of Syndicates Workers, civil society activists, and independent political figures.

The council has issued invitations to the rest of the opposition parties and organizations whose representatives will attend – according to the organizers – to discuss uniting all opposition forces under a comprehensive umbrella to harness efforts and capabilities to overthrow the Iranian regime.

The meeting will offer to form a broad coalition and a joint program and win sympathy and support for nations, peoples and free and progressive countries in cooperation with international institutions to change the Iranian regime with peaceful popular protests and a smooth transition to democracy.

It is noteworthy that the convening of the conference comes in light of the suffocating international isolation experienced by the Iranian regime because of the nuclear program and the crisis of shooting down the Ukrainian plane with a missile for the Revolutionary Guard and the consequences of the bloody repression of the popular protests in November and January.

The European position, after activating the “trigger mechanism” to settle the nuclear dispute with Iran, is approaching more than the American position on concluding a comprehensive agreement that includes freezing the nuclear and missile programs, stopping the regional regime’s interference and continuing its support for terrorism. See more Latest news on africa .

Sanders And Buttigieg Lock Horns

Sanders And Buttigieg Lock Horns

A political stalwart is in loggerheads with a roughly half the age military veteran and both are eyeing the Democratic nomination for the presidential post in the White House. This refers to none other than Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

Both rivals took two top spots at the Iowa caucuses where 37 years young
Buttigieg bagged 14 delegates while the 78 years of age, Sanders bagged 12 delegates. One is trailing the other by small margins. Political analysts rightly observe that the numbers are low in terms of the total a candidate would need to secure the nomination. But this little win in their kitty does provide critical early momentum.

New Hampshire is the next pit stop for the other 9 contenders who all have been troubled with the low turnout of voters at the Iowa caucus. New Hampshire is of the many states which will need to be won by one of these contenders to get a majority to be able to contest the presidential elections for 2020.

Buttigieg speaks of the future. If elected, he would be the first open gay president in the world. Also, while referring to Trump, he drew applause in New Hampshire when he said “we need a politics that works for us and brings us together.” He was definitely referring to Trump’s allegiance to lobbies of all kinds that have funded his campaigns and other agendas.

But Sanders have hit it back saying that “Because we bring forth an agenda that doesn’t ask for approval from Wall Street, or the drug companies, our agenda is the agenda that represents working families.” Sanders had referred to Buttigieg of taking millions off billionaires.
Joe Biden on the other hand will steer clear of the open fight between Sanders and Buttigieg. Biden, who had fewer events scheduled on Sunday than his rivals, conceded he was out-organized by Sanders and Buttigieg in Iowa. He reiterated his long-standing belief that he would perform better in states with more African Americans and other voters of color, including upcoming contests in Nevada and South Carolina.For more News of America Today

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China's wet markets have, reportedly, started to open up. Notably, it has been suspected by the experts that the #COVID2019 virus resulting in the deaths of thousands of people across the world emerged from wild animals from the wet markets in China's Wuhan city.

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