Biden Impeachment Talks Over Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Biden Impeachment Talks Over Withdrawal From Afghanistan

The longest war to be supported and fought for Afghanistan by the US has finally come to an end today. But what took America a decade to achieve has been undone in merely a month also.

At home, Afghan American continue to protest for more to be evacuated from Afghanistan, but Biden has made his call to do their best by August 31. The last big military plane that was carrying Afghans was badly stalled with Afghans clinging to its wheels and being killed while falling midair like falling birds from the sky.

According to an official statement from the Pentagon, as of 3.29pm ET, every single US service member was evacuated from Afghanistan. Evacuation efforts were hampered by ISIS repeated suicide bomb attempts to destroy the airstrip and airport infrastructure.

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Officials said that from this point onwards is that the US is not expected to have any diplomatic or military presence in the country. Republicans are now asking Joe Biden to resign over his decision over a hasty exit from Afghanistan. It has been literally like giving them legs to stand and then suddenly cutting them from below them.

This comes hours after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed that a contingent of Americans keen on leaving Kabul, estimated to be under 200 and possibly closer to 100, were unable to get on the last flights. It also seems that the evacuation happened a day before the deadline. Hundreds of tweets by the Republicans have criticized Potus of ‘abandoning our own behind enemy lines.’

US’s exit from Afghanistan was marked by uninterrupted celebratory firing in Kabul by the ultra radical militant fighters of Taliban who announced “complete freedom” for the country, seen as an embarrassment for the Biden administration and NATO allies. Countries world over have evacuated their own. For the Afghanis, US was the only hope to find a safe haven, apart from some other countries like India and UAE.

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