US still showing interest in Russian crude regardless of edgy geopolitics

US still showing interest in Russian crude regardless of edgy geopolitics

U.S. imports of oil products and crude oil from Russia reaches 844,000 b/d in May, making it the No. 2 providers, yet well beneath Canada’s 4 million b/d, as indicated by the most recent monthly Energy Information Administration data, or EIA, information. 

Lately, the two nations relations have been confounded and disagreeable. For example, Russia plays an essential role in anti-terrorism, the Middle East, U.N. reform, and the COVID-19 fight. However, the West cannot solve many significant problems global without Russia’s cooperation.

The U.S. is showing a substantial interest in imports of Russian crude, and fuel oil feedstocks, which researchers hope to proceed with as long as the economy recovers and the U.S. continues to sanction Venezuelan.

In May, Valero purchased most Russian oil, bringing fuel oil feedstocks and crude oil at its refineries in Louisiana, Texas, and California. Moreover, making ExxonMobil and Chevron, top purchasers of Russian crude in the month of May. 

U.S. refineries had progressively utilized Russian oil to supply Venezuelan imports before the U.S. imposed sanctions on PDVSA in January 2019. 

“U.S. sanctions on Venezuela compelled America to get its crude oil from other nations, and that profited Russia,” Oanda critic Edward Moya stated he sees no significant changes ahead in Venezuela sanctions. 

Sway McNally, Rapidan Energy Group president, stated Russia’s oil exports to the U.S. have been driven by business considerations and seems to be a non-factor in the bilateral relationship, S&P Global reported.

In the June 16 summit, U.S. President Joe Biden urged Russian President Vladimir Putin that energy facilities and infrastructures be off-limit to ransomware attacks. However, Putin denied any Russian government involvement in the new Colonial Pipeline closure.

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The United States expanding dependence on Russian crude oil is at odds with U.S. energy discretion. Throughout the past two years, administrators in Washington have been lobbying European nations to abandon Nord Stream 2, a pipeline project to carry Siberian gas to Germany, worrying it will give the Kremlin further influence over U.S. allies, Bloomberg reported.

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