Qatar will host 2,000 Afghan families on request from America
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Qatar will host 2,000 Afghan families on request from America

With an agreement between Qatar and US, the former has committed to host 2,000 Afghan families. This plan is for initial phase in conjunction with the US evacuation of its Embassy in Kabul.

This agreement has become significant since US will be withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan. As per Taliban official in Doha, Qatar has agreed to naturalize 500 Afghans every year, and will provide them basic amenities such as housing, education, and health insurance. It was not easy to reach this conclusion as the conclusion of Doha would come after a high-tension meeting in Washington. They too accuses Doha of how the peace negotiations were conducted and how Qatar failed to monitor their implementation.

Afghanistan’s Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal mentioned that the security forces would try to ensure the safety of citizens. Still, Washington does not trust and has begun evoking the US embassy in Kabul. However, there was a different picture painted on tweeted by a spokesperson of Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid. He declared that the Islamic Emirate orders all its forces to wait at the gates of Kabul, not to want to enter the city. But residents confirm the presence of armed Taliban fighters in their neighborhoods, and the number of dead would already be 68. According to the Taliban leader himself in Doha, the order would be to avoid violence and allow safe passage to anyone who decides to leave the city.

With all the fear and chaos spreading in the city, Talibans are taking the centre position of power. Several people fleeing Kabul by car, which is resulting in long traffic queues exiting the city. It is also reported that people are s desperate to leave the county that they are leaving behind their vehicles in the line and are going to the airport by foot with their luggage. Moreover, even senior Afghan officials and advisers to President Ashraf Ghani were seen at the VIP lounge area of Kabul airport. Though it is not clear if they are also going to Doha.

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Attacking Kabul from two prime fronts, all significant Afghan cities have surrendered to the insurgents. From north-west, the Taliban have seized security posts in Paghman, which is an essential hub of the electricity grid. It stands 20 kilometers from the international airport. And from the east side they captured capital’s center. Several Talibans stormed the Pul-e-Charki prison, which is the largest and most secure prison facility in Afghanistan. They were successful in fleeing 5,000 detainees and making them part of destructive Taliban group. Towards the south, they took control of another district Char Asyab, which is a Islamists concentrated area.

Amidst all this, US ordered their Marines and Special Forces to evacuate its staff from Afghanistan. They will also be taking care of the Afghan officials who have collaborated with the US and ae likely to become soft targets of the Islamists. It is rumoured that near to 2000 families will be transported to the US military base and then will be handed over to Qatari authorities to take further necessary steps to ensure their safety an well being.

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