Government crisis in Poland is the end of the sovereigntists

Government crisis in Poland is the end of the sovereigntists

The Polish sovereign government collapses, abandoned by a lesser partner. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and historical leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski are at stake. He lacks the numbers to govern and pass the law on the media in Parliament. That finally passed yesterday evening with 228 yes and 216 no. Only thanks to the ten abstentions of the ultra-right (who gave a vote in favor of the text). The bill will take away all freedom from the US-owned media, starting with the most authoritative and followed TV, Discovery’s Tv 24. However, with the majority collapse, the law risks not passing through the Senate and return to the Chamber, where the abstention of the ultra-right-wing will not be enough at the second reading.

Against the hypothesis of confiscation, the Biden administration had reacted in the harshest way towards the most pro-Atlantic country in the east of the European Union and NATO. Nervousness and fear of losing mountain power in the ranks of the sovereign majority – already at odds with the EU – because recently Donald Tusk, former premier of the miracle (2007-2015) and then former president of the European Council, returned to lead with his charisma the pro-European opposition, flying in the polls.

Morawiecki fired Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin, now the only leader of the former minor partner of the right-wing coalition, the small party Porozumienie, with 13 deputies who resigned en bloc. But still, in the morning, the government spokesman Piotr Muller had guaranteed that the right would find some way to restore a majority.

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Perhaps, he was feared, accepting the support of the anti-Semitic ultra-right. But Konfederacja said she would not join the majority. We then went to the courtroom. The President of Parliament, Elzbieta Witek, asked to postpone the vote: 229 yes, including Gowin and 227 no, but in the meantime, the government lost on all the other (economic) laws voted. First, the vote on the postponement was denounced to the Sages of Parliament as an abuse of power. Then, in the evening, they revolted: 229 against the delay, 225 in favor. So, the law returned to deputies’ vote and passed on wire thanks to the far-right abstention.

Losing coalition allies on the street and seeing the grand return of the most feared adversary is frightening and confusing. A recovery of Gowin is excluded. A further strengthening of Tusk and his ability to weave alliances is not. That explains the nervousness with which the government – which now has to find a stable majority quickly – has chosen a head-on crash with a Washington was no longer his friend Trump. Still, Joe Biden governs, determined to defend Western media and values.

The White House made it clear that the law would have dire consequences and sent Marek Brzezinski, a friend of pro-European liberals and son of Carter’s legendary adviser, as the new ambassador. If Tusk were to win, the Hungarian Orbán would lose the umbrella of the Polish veto against the EU’s accusations of the rule of law, finding himself only in front of an exit from the Union.

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