Dunn Of Tight Biden Inner Circle Takes Breather Back Into Private Life

Dunn Of Tight Biden Inner Circle Takes Breather Back Into Private Life

Anita Dunn, one of the top advisers in Biden’s office has resigned, sources have confirmed. Dunn has surprisingly decided to return to her Democratic consulting company in August. It seems the accusations on her of crossing purposes has been too much to take after all.

Dunn has been instrumental in prepping up the president for every media interaction up until now. Dunn is known to be a hard master in strategy and grudge control and has been buttressing most of Mr. Joe Biden’s disaster management strategies.

She provided direction when his campaign was failing for example in the Iowa caucuses. In the West Wing, at the White House, she has been prominent in shaping every major policy push so far, not to forget her sidelining Julian Castro for snubbing the president in a public debate, questioning his ‘metal acuity’.

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It is going to be big blow to Biden’s inner circle as the Covid-19 new variant precariously eats into the lives of the unvaccinated and threatens the stability of his infrastructure deal as well.

According to David Plouffe, a former Obama campaign manager, Ms. Dunn was disciple and anchorage personified, something you need all the time in the volatility that American lives, politics and therefore White House has to constantly deal with.

An advocate for women empowerment, she has been known to push for women representation in the West Wing. She has stood firm on the stance that while discharging her office duties, she has never mingled her company’s functioning, it is worth noting that indeed her company was hired to handle the $2.2 million direct mail contract for the Biden campaign. Senior White House official have highlighted that Ms. Dunn would be subject to post government restrictions that apply to former federal employees. That includes a two-year restriction on whom she contacts on matters in which the government has a “substantial interest” that was pending under her official responsibility in the White House. Strangely, even though she goes back to private life, her influence with Biden might still continue due to the trust that the President places in her abilities.  

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