Biden and Xi Talk on phone to calm  Diplomatic Tension between the Two  Nations

Biden and Xi Talk on phone to calm Diplomatic Tension between the Two Nations

After seven months on Thursday, US President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a telephone conversation to calm the diplomatic stress between the two nations. US President Biden initiated the call with Prime Minister Xi; this is the second call since Biden took office.

The two countries have been confronting issues such as Beijing’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, cyber security violations arising from China, and what the White House has marked as unfair trade practices by the government of China. However, Biden’s aim during the 90-minute call was to zero in less on these issues, rather than he focused on talking about the way ahead to better the US-China relationship after it got off to a pretty rough beginning.

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The White House stated in the statement that the two leaders had a comprehensive, strategic conversation wherein they talked about topics where our concerns match and areas of shared values and perspectives differ. We are optimistic that the two nations can cooperate on issues of common interest, including environmental change and forestalling an atomic crisis on the Korean Peninsula despite increasing tensions, expressed The White House.

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized that both the nations should proceed with their talks on recovery of the global economy, preventing epidemic and climate change while keeping aside our differences. Jinping told his US counterpart that the US policies towards Beijing have caused genuine problems and that returning to resolving ties was crucial for the global future.

Xi likewise cautioned that confrontation between the world’s top economies would bring difficulty for both countries and the world.

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