“Don’t have time for a punch to punch with Republicans, I have job to do”, says Gretchen Whitmer

“Don’t have time for a punch to punch with Republicans, I have job to do”, says Gretchen Whitmer

When CBS News asked Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer to comment regarding the misogynistic remarks made by the chairman of Ron Weiser the Michigan Republican party leader. In reply, she said, “I don’t have time to focus on replying to the misogynistic remark by the Republicans; I’m not going to do that.” “I have an important job to do.” 

On 28 March, The chairperson of the Michigan GOP Ron Weiser faced harsh criticism for calling three female Democratic leaders “witches” to be scorched “at the stake” and for referencing “assassination” as an alternative to ousting the two Republican congressmen who voted against former President Donald Trump during impeachment. 

In February, the Republican chief in the state Senate, Mike Shirkey, professed to have “hit” Whitmer over appointments and budget. 

The two men apologized. However, on Sunday Whitmer stated: “I don’t know to whom they’ve apologized in light of the fact that I haven’t heard from themThe Guardian reported.

Currently, six men are facing charges over the scheme to kidnap and perhaps murder Whitmer. It was revealed in the investigation of the attack on the Capitol Hill building last year. Other defendants are facing state charges over the kidnapping conspiracy, Reuters reported.

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Whitmer revealed to CBS that she is focused on “helping get her state back on track, backing the Biden government’s American Jobs Plan. Furthermore, that is the thing that I will remain fixed on.” 

Whitmer says “We’ve seen real threats coming on those of us in office,” she added that “we’re seeing individuals in court this week that are blamed for plotting to kidnap and murder me.

The State GOP Chairman Ron Weiser’s ill remarks were reprimanded by Michigan Democrats as “dangerous” and “sexist” and also led people from the University Of Michigan Board Of Regents to urge for his resignation.

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