UAE mediating to help mend ‘utilitarian’ relationship between India and Pakistan, Khaleej Times reports

UAE mediating to help mend ‘utilitarian’ relationship between India and Pakistan, Khaleej Times reports

As reported by Khaleej Times, The United Arab Emirates‘ ambassador to the US affirmed that the Gulf state is helping to mediate between India and Pakistan to achieve stability and resolve differences between the two nations.

While speaking to the former United States National Security Advisor HR McMaster, Al Otaiba referred to media reports and highlighted the role the UAE played in de-escalating the Kashmir situation and bringing down the degree of tensions, The Indian Express detailed. 

On being asked as to whether the UAE was attempting to assist the two nations to resolve their relationship, Al Otaiba answered on a positive note. He said that while India and Pakistan probably won’t become best of friends, however, the UAE wishes that the bilateral relations between the two neighbors be one where they can speak to one another.  

Moreover, because of the UAE’s initiative, there are hopes that the diplomatic relations among the two neighboring nations would improve. Islamabad on Sunday officially greeted the efforts made by the United Arab Emirates to bring Pakistan and India back on the table of dialogue, however, New Delhi abstained from affirming it formally, The Deccan Herald reported. 

In a special interview with Khaleej Times, Pakistan’s FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi stated, “Pakistan would thank anybody and everyone, including the UAE for playing such a positive and useful part, “We welcome the third party endeavor regardless of what allies say, the effort must be indigenous. 

The political will must be displayed by the leaders of Pakistan and India. They can be facilitators and suggestive, however, finally it is people of South Asia who need to choose what sort of future they envision for their future, he added. 

Qureshi is on a three-day trip to the UAE to address bilateral relations and meet senior UAE officials. On Sunday, he stated in an interview in Dubai, “The UAE has a huge Indian and Pakistani diasporas. It acknowledges that Indians and Pakistanis have added a lot to the advancement of the UAE and it has great relations with both nations. We welcome and are happy with the role the UAE is playing.”

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On Sunday, India’s FM S. Jaishankar arrived in Abu Dhabi and met His Highness Sheikh Abdullah, and talked about the historic relations between the UAE and India. Particularly discussed ways to improve cooperation, especially in the business and health sector. 

They further talked about the most recent improvements related to the coronavirus pandemic, the endeavors made by the two nations to contain its repercussions, and the worldwide endeavors to provide vaccines to all nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Government expressed. Abdullah noted during his conversation with Jaishankar that the UAE-India vital partnership adds to setting out more open doors for development in financial, economic, social, and health, cultural, and various sectors. 

However, New Delhi has not yet refrained from making any official announcement to deny or confirm reports regarding the UAE’s endeavors in making India and Pakistan begin a bilateral dialogue, which has stayed suspended since 2013.

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