Singapore Turns Sewage Into Ultra-pure Water Due To Scarcity Of Resources
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Singapore Turns Sewage Into Ultra-pure Water Due To Scarcity Of Resources

Going environment conscious, Singapore comes up with a unique system of installing giant pumps that can transform sewage into the water so clean it is fit for human consumption while reducing ocean pollution.

Since Singapore is a small island nation that has little access to natural water sources, they have relied principally on supplies from neighbouring Malaysia. To boost self-sufficiency, the government has developed an advanced system for treating the sewage that involves a network of tunnels and high-tech plants.

With this new state-of-art Recycled wastewater system, they can now meet 40 per cent of Singapore’s water demand. It is significant since water efficiency is expected to rise to 55 per cent by 2060 with the rise in consumption and population.

Although the majority of the water is used for industrial purposes, some of it is added to drinking water supplies in reservoirs in the city-state also. And the system helps reduce maritime pollution, as only a small amount of the treated water is discharged into the sea.

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To increase self-sufficiency, the government has created a sophisticated sewage treatment system that includes a network of tunnels and high-tech plants. This is a contrast to what most other countries do. It is noted that 80 per cent of the world’s wastewater flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused.

Expanding the recycle system, Singapore is hoping to add an extra underground tunnel and a major water reclamation plant to serve the western half of the island, which should be completed by 2025. They will be spending around the U.S. $7.4 billion on upgrading its water treatment infrastructure by the time the expansion is finished.  

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