Coronavirus: Germany has a problem with the vaccination campaign

Coronavirus: Germany has a problem with the vaccination campaign

In Germany, the percentage of the population wholly immunized is close to 61%. However, the authorities are concerned by the data on the first dose administration, which is still at 65%, a much lower percentage than in other European countries such as Spain (79%), France, and Italy (both above 70%).

In the country, Spiegel notes online. There is a “vaccine fatigue” that could fuel the fourth wave of coronavirus. For a few weeks now, the vaccination campaign has been slow. The World data shows that the number of daily vaccinations carried out is lower than that of European countries with similar populations.

 And the gap becomes wider and wider. A possible explanation could be the authorities’ initial caution towards vaccinations for 12-17-year-olds. If at first, the German experts recommended the shield injection only for children with specific conditions such as the presence of diseases that expose them to severe Covid course; fragile subjects without adequate immune protection, and so on, in mid-August, the Committee permanent vaccination (Stiko) at the Robert Koch Institute, changed its line by issuing “a general recommendation to vaccinate Covid from 12 to 17 years.” Because according to the current state of knowledge, the benefits outweigh the risk of infrequent side effects of the vaccine.

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But backtracking was not enough to make up for lost ground. Not even the Green Pass, which has become mandatory as in other countries to access various activities, has served to give new verve to the vaccination campaign. However, the obligation can be suspended by regions in conditions of a low incidence of contagion.

The fact remains that so far, the authorities have failed to convince the undecided. In the last few hours, the appeals have multiplied. 

The Deutsche Bahn railway company has launched an initiative on the “Ringbahn,” which goes around Berlin in an hour. For three hours, a medical team vaccinated 100 volunteer passengers with a single dose of Johnson & Johnson.

In Berlin, attempts are made to encourage vaccinations in every way, from nightclubs to parking lots and even on trains, and Mayor Michael Mueller told the DPA agency to “fight for every single vaccination.” Finally, the minister of health launched the appeal to those who have not yet been immunized.

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