China strongly condemns US Navy warship sailing near the Taiwan Strait
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China strongly condemns US Navy warship sailing near the Taiwan Strait

On Saturday, in a statement, China expressed firm opposition and solid condemnation against the US Naval force warship and Coast Guard cutter Munro sailing in the Taiwan Straits.

On Friday, the Coast Guard cutter Munro and the USS Kidd missile destroyer sailed into the international waters of Taiwan Straits, the US Naval force stated. In an official statement, China noted the move was provocative; it shows that the United States is the greatest threat to stability and peace, risking the security in the Taiwan Strait.

Such activities are viewed as a warning to China, which as of late led drills close to Taiwan and has not revoked the utilization of power if necessary to bring the small island under its influence.

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Taiwan separated from China during the civil war that prompted the Communist Party to control the region in 1949. The US doesn’t have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan however keeps a delegate office in the capital, Taipei, and is its most significant provider of military equipment for its security.

The US Coast Guard has been speeding up its presence in Asia, as the Chinese coast guard patrol close to the disputed islands that both China and various governments claim in the South and East China Seas.

The US and Taiwan coast guard heads held discussions this month following the two consented to a cooperation agreement in March, which China has wholly denounced.

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