US Company Pays to Watch Horror Movies

US Company Pays to Watch Horror Movies

US-based company FinanceBuzz has announced USD 1,300 which amounts to Rs 95,500 for the interesting job of a Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst. For this job, a person will be required to watch horror movies while wearing a Fitbit that will monitor the person’s heartbeat.

The selected candidate will also get the liberty to rank the movies. Horror movies such Amityville horror to Annabelle and Paranormal Activity, and more will be added in the fierce list of horror genre. The aim of the company is to do ground market research on whether high-budget horror movies deliver stronger scares than low budget ones.

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The chosen candidate will receive a FitBit to track their heartbeat, pay for the viewing of the thirteen films, as well as provide a “Survival Kit” that will include a blanket, popcorn, candy, and some Stephen King paraphernalia. It is suggested that if you are chosen, you book a room for a full Stephen King experience and get your heart rate up.

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