Situation gets tougher for PM Morrison as Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Australia
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Situation gets tougher for PM Morrison as Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Australia

Australia’s most prominent cities like Sydney and Melbourne state leaders have imposed lockdowns due to a surge in coronavirus cases. 

Australian PM is confronting criticism for handling covid’s delta variant surge in several states in Australia, due to which a significant part of the nation’s populace is currently living under stay-at-home measures. 

Morrison’s ruling government federation has on occasion attacked the states’ rigorous approach towards the pandemic yet can do little to forestall lockdowns or domestic border restrictions. 

The expenses of the current measures are way above and beyond A$10 billion (S$10 billion) and are required to shave up to 1.5 per cent off the country’s financial development in the three months to September. 

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Public opinion polls have revealed sliding support for PM Scott Morrison’s administration amid criticism of a sluggish immunisation program criticised for changing regulatory counsel and supply deficiencies. On Thursday, Scott Morrison has apologised for a slow COVID-19 immunisation program. 

Australian citizens who want to get vaccinated would get it before the year ends, and “by Christmas, we would be witnessing a different Australia to what we see presently,” Morrison added. 

Victoria’s state government as of late blamed Morrison for unreasonably preferring his home province of New South Wales, recommending that the PM had done more to give monetary aid to those influenced by the current flare-up of Covid in Sydney than last year’s protracted second-wave in Melbourne city. 

The federal and state governments also stated that expanding relief aid to help organisations and businesses to continue paying salaries to workers amid lockdowns. 

On Wednesday, Sydney has currently extended the lockdown by about a month after a stay-at-home order failed to contain the coronavirus spread in Australia.

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