Why Iran Dominates Geopolitical Muscle For Russia, China, and India

Why Iran Dominates Geopolitical Muscle For Russia, China, and India

Russia is looking at Iran as a strategic point. Its relevance has never been as important as it is today when its geopolitical position can define how the energy business dynamics change in the coming years. Addressing a gathering at the Valdai Club, Russia’s dictatorial leader Vladimir Putin minced no words as he announced that the more desirable ‘route is the Arctic – Siberia – Asia.’

Iran is going to be an important trade route too for other countries. For one, it is going to serve between India and Russia. Azerbaijan and Iran are both strategic for Russia therefore. So, it is imperative that Russia continues to play a peace keeping game with Azerbaijan as well. Even the China-Pakistan partnership is going to make use of Iran as its connecting point. 

Iran is going to be playing in gold sooner or later. So while the US had busied itself sanctioning it, the latter might not really have to worry about a dwindling economy after all.

There are several investments doing rounds between China, Russia, and India with respect to Iran. Undeniably, this combination of Russian, Indian, and Chinese infrastructure investments in Iran would greatly improve the country’s regional economic competitiveness and enable it to fulfill its geostrategic destiny of facilitating connectivity between Russia and South Asia.

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Ironically, India has invested in Iran, much to the surprise of the rest of the world, which has known India to always play on the defensive and not offensive. But India’s role with Iran has been side-stepped by America. Political analysts believe this is America’s way of ensuring India supports the former’s anti-China strategy at play, something that resonates with India’s‘ self-reliance’ sentiment back home. 

For Iran, it makes sense to keep on good terms with Russia and China. Both are emerging powers of the world. Both ensured they had their Covid-19 vaccine contributions, while both have not guaranteed good efficacy levels. But they are here to stay and be noticed, and Iran is only going to benefit if it can keep its toast buttered on both sides. 

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