America Strikes Iranian Militia In Syria As Retaliatory Measure
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America Strikes Iranian Militia In Syria As Retaliatory Measure

The sly attack by Iran over American representatives in Iraq has left Syrian population vulnerable, once again. Under the instructions of the newly appointed President Joe Biden ordered retaliatory strikes against the Iranian militias that set off attacks in Erbil recently.

However, the attack was not as big as the retaliation has been ordered by Biden administration. The attack in Erbil of Iraq left one civilian contractor and wounded a U.S. service member. 

It was not obviously one strike but more than one on property that apparently belonged to Iran backed militia. The latter has been using Iraq as its hideout and base to carry out attack and operations all over the Middle East or whenever necessary. 

According to confirmed American sources, a rocket attack was made by Iranian militia on February 15 on the airport in Erbil, in northern Iraq. This lead to the death of a Filipino contractor with the American-led military coalition and left six others wounded, including a Louisiana National Guard soldier and four American contractors.

In response, the Pentagon has confirmed that the counterstrikes have been well-planned and calibrated to target the ammunition buildings and storehouses of the Iranian militia. While Pentagon wanted to cover more area, Biden has been cautious not to disturb the diplomatic equation with Iraq, or harm general public. In the past, airstrikes have led to massive destruction and loss of human life in Syria. 

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Official reports have said that the retaliatory strikes are a way to shut the workings of notorious militia at work. While there are indications that the militia might be funded by Iran, there is no direct link found. The attack on the Erbil airport was finally claimed by a little-known group called Awliya al Dam, or Guardian of the Blood, brigades. The group also claimed responsibility for two bombings against U.S. contractor convoys in August 2020.

Biden administration has confirmed that there is no intention of rustling feathers or disturbing equation with Iran, at a time when his administration wants to discuss the nuclear deal, that was rail road(ed) by Trump all through his presidency. 

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