Kim Jong Un believes North Korea’s food crisis could put state security at risk
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Kim Jong Un believes North Korea’s food crisis could put state security at risk

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un acknowledges that the food crisis is taking a dangerous turn in his nation. The coronavirus pandemic, floods, and progressing US sanctions have also added to the worst situation.

To handle the crisis, Kim had ordered the country’s leaders to resolve the current food crisis that occurred because of strong typhoons that hit the nation in summer, as per a state-media report.

However, Kim decided to replace his key officials as they failed to manage the extended food crisis, mentioning that the leaders had put the security of the state and the wellbeing of citizens in danger.

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In 2021, North Korea could confront a major food crisis of up to 1.35 million tons, as indicated by a May report from the Korea Development Institute, a research organization supported by the South Korean government. The report assessed the country’s food needs are about 5.75 million tons every year. 

Despite all the challenges, few experts believe that North Korea is on the verge of confronting a similar famine just like the 1990s. In the ’90s Pyongyang had made several appeals for food aid and the nation grappled with hunger. Two years prior, amid its most noticeably terrible drought in many years, North Korea criticized international sanctions for the food crisis.

Currently, North Korea’s economy has decreased by more than 10%. They are also confronting a more extensive financial crisis because of the pandemic and growing U.S. sanctions. 

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