Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, German Chancellor Call for Global Efforts to Fight Terrorism

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, German Chancellor Call for Global Efforts to Fight Terrorism

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, deputy supreme commander of the United Arab Emirates’ armed forces, received a phone call from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, focusing on the significance of boosting bilateral relations as a component of the current overall strategic partnership between the United Arab Emirates and Germany. She also emphasized and discussed tackling the growing threat of terrorism.

On Nov 1, the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed condemned the recent terror attacks in France, during a conversation on phone with the President Emanuel Macron. According to WAM, His Highness stressed upon his dismissal of hate speech, any justification or reasoning for the violence, terrorism, and killing.

Merkel and Shiekh Zayed talked about different provincial and global issues along with calling on global efforts in fighting terrorism. 

They strongly rejected fanaticism and terrorism in their forms and the significance of urging global endeavors to face them. Merkel and Sheikh Zayed had stressed upon joint attempts to support and promote dialogue among religions, various cultures, and societies at the local and global platform. 

However, they also discussed the progress in the Middle East and the Mediterranean area, as both nations aimed their support for settling discords through talks and peaceful methods. 

His Highness Sheikh Zayed and Chancellor Merkel also talked about the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the two nations and the world. Both nations focused on fortifying international action to address the urgent need to contain the virus and tackling it in the coming future.

Sheikh Zayed urged for peaceful and respectful discourse between people of various cultures and religions, citing the United Arab Emirates as a great example of an Arab Muslim nation with excellent values of co-existence, cooperation, and tolerance among its diverse community.

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