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Europe will not stand by and watch any new arms race.

Europe will not stand by and watch any new arms race.

French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday that France wants to open a strategic dialogue with its European partners on the role of French nuclear deterrence policy in the field of European security, saying that Europe will not stand by and watch any new arms race.

The French president expressed his hope that the Europeans would jointly propose an “international program for arms control” in the atmosphere of questioning the treaties signed between Russia and the United States.

Macron’s proposal confirms to the Europeans insistence that Europe must strengthen its strategic independence in the face of growing global threats, and to stop relying entirely on the United States and NATO in its defense.

Macron added, in a forthcoming speech on French nuclear deterrence, which represents a rite of presidents’ rituals in the Fifth Republic, that it is possible to include European countries wishing to experience French nuclear deterrence.

“Now France’s vital interests are taking on a European dimension,” Macron said in his speech to the elite of the future in the French Armed Forces at the Education Institute for Officers Ecole de Gere, Paris.

The French President asked the Europeans “not to be satisfied with the role of spectators” in the face of the race to armament, on which their continent could become a theater.

He said that the Europeans should collectively realize that in the absence of a legal framework, they can find themselves facing a race for conventional and even nuclear weapons on their soil, stressing that they cannot be satisfied with the role of spectators in this regard.

The French President also stressed in the speech that Britain’s secession from the European Union will not change anything regarding France’s nuclear cooperation with it.

After Britain withdrew from the European Union, France became the only nuclear power in the bloc, and for a long time had boasted of its independent nuclear deterrent force, built by World War II champion Charles de Gaulle, and confirmed by other French presidents since that time.Follow us to get more news News From Europe .

Macron Weary Of EC Expansion

Macron Weary Of EC Expansion

The European Commission plans to add some more nations to its kitty, once it gets a majority vote from its member states. However, the French President has serious reservations and he has been extremely vocal about them. In fact, Mr. Emmanuel Macron had halted a process of additions in October 2019.

The Commission would like to persuade France to lift its objections before a Zagreb summit with the Balkan states in May 2020.

Macron has his own reasons and he is outspoken and bold about them. According to the French President, the European Commission has to be cautious and think it over before adding in any more nations to its kitty.

He feels the reasons of corruption and crime are reasons enough for the following nations to not be added to the list. Macron has spelled out the names as Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and North Macedonia.

Also, with this move, the French President had also given a proposal for member states to have more say into the enlargement of the commission. Macron had also proposed that funds for new members may come from existing funds for poor countries, of which EU is not convinced.

In this week, the EU Commission will try and accommodate most of the French requests, owing to the fact that France is considered as an important part of the EU Commission. Other countries, including the Netherlands and Denmark, have also been skeptical of expansion, but EU officials say if they can persuade France to lift its objections, those countries would probably not hold out.For more exclusive News From Europe

Boris Johnson declares Brexit will steer UK to national renewal

Boris Johnson declares Brexit will steer UK to national renewal

Finally, Britain has exited the European Union; a new chapter is marked in the nation’s history and starting another new which is viewed by some with confidence and others with anxiety.

On Friday, Boris Johnson conceded that “there are many… who feel a sense of tension and misfortune” however guaranteed it would realize the revival of the UK’s “power of autonomous thought and development.”

EU pioneers looked to utilize the UK’s takeoff as a sign for other people, demanding that Britain’s choice would show that “strength doesn’t lie in isolation,” The Guardian reported.

Johnson released a video message, saying it would introduce “genuine national change and revision.”

Johnson didn’t specify “Brexit,” which Downing Street has extracted from government reciprocations, promising instead to “increase hope and opportunity in everywhere in the UK.”

However, that celebratory state of mind was not coordinated in Europe, where French President Emmanuel Macron cautioned that Brexit was a “warning sign” of immense significant importance, emphasizing his position of 2016. Talking in Paris, Macron referenced the characterizing idea of the British decision to walk out on 47 years of partnership. “There is a long history between Britain and France, which is made of opportunity, sacrifices, freedom, and wars, I won’t forget that,” he included.

Ursula von der Leyen, the European commission president, stated: “We need to have the ideal association with the United Kingdom, yet it won’t be as good as when we were together as members. Our experience has guided us that strength doesn’t lie in isolation; however, in our remarkable union. She included, “It is clear Europe will shield its interests in a decided way. Just the ones who know rules of the internal market can profit by it,” The Guardian reported.

However, the British government was determined to regard the minute as an opportunity to be a forward vision and positive of the nation’s future. In Boris Johnson’s video announcement, Johnson maintained Brexit would mark in history as a moment of “national renewal,” after which the UK could become “a big European power, and genuinely global in our reach and aspirations.”

“In our discretion, in our battle against environmental change, in our crusades for human rights or free commerce, we will rediscover muscles that we have not utilized for quite a long time. The strength of independent thinking and action,” he added.

10 Downing Street has clarified to UK businesses that they ought to get ready to confront new processes at the edge with the EU27, as the administration holds the right to change from EU rules. To watch more articles News From Europe

Article Credit: The Guardian

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