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Fashion World’s Future and its Contribution Amid Coronavirus
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Fashion World’s Future and its Contribution Amid Coronavirus

The entire world is currently struck and battling the coronavirus pandemic. Nations have banned travel and enforced lockdown to control the spreading of the virus. The lockdown has majorly hit the global market as malls, markets, fashion stores are all shut. One of the industries that have been smitten by this is the fashion industry. Artisans, tailors, small designers, apparel and textile industry, are facing the consequence of the outbreak worldwide.

Many major events have been canceled or postponed, such as the Paris Men’s Fashion Week and Couture Week, Met Gala, CFDA Awards, and others.

In March, The famous India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2020 got postponed, and the Chairman of Fashion Design Council Of India (FDCI) Sunil Sethi issued refunds to designers and sponsors who had invested in the show and stalls for the event. FDCI has also set up a fund to provide financial aid to small designers and businesses in the Indian Fashion Industry.

Big international brands like Giorgio Armani, Dior, Burberry, and many more pitched in to help mobilize by stitching masks and gowns for frontline workers.

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Dior reopened its BabyDior brand in Redon and volunteered to produce new masks and aid the healthcare professionals.

Giorgio Armani, in his Instagram post, announced that companies Italian production plants will contribute towards manufacturing disposable medical overalls for frontline workers.

Burberry stated that the company’s global supply chain would produce 100,000 surgical masks and support the NHS, and added that they stand together in the battle against coronavirus.

No one knows how the global fashion world will recover from such a drastic economic loss. The fashion and luxury industry is predicted to suffer around $600 billion due to the coronavirus, and it will surely make the consumers think before spending on luxury goods.

Article Credit: Hindustan Times/Vogue Business/USA Today/Quartz

Pros and Cons of Working From Home During Coronavirus Lockdown
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Pros and Cons of Working From Home During Coronavirus Lockdown

Currently, the world is fighting a deadly pandemic called coronavirus or Covid-19. Many precautionary measures have been announced by nations worldwide to contain the virus from spreading. Among them is work from home for all employees due to imposed lockdown.

One of the most significant changes for employees is to work from home amid global coronavirus lockdown. Working from home sounds exciting initially, but actually, it comes with its advantages and disadvantages as well.

Besides freelancers and small businesses, who are familiar with working from home, many permanent employees opted to work from home a few times due to personal reasons or family emergencies. However, recently everyone is adjusting to the work from home culture due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Right now, it’s essential to stay safe from the coronavirus as its spreading rapidly worldwide. The positives that an office goer will see in work from home are; we need not dress up formally for office; you could work in your PJs. Without setting the alarm, you could oversleep at home and have a brunch.

Office politics, busy schedules, meetings, and travel exhaustion is put to a break due to lockdown.
But, on the contrary, people in many nations such as India are facing low internet speed due to heavy traffic hampers the daily deadline.

Family members, kids, and other personal responsibilities have increased during the lockdown, for example, doing daily chores. Many nations are experiencing a shortage of groceries and essential goods due to panic buying, which has resulted in empty stores, which is a big concern for survival.

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Change of work environment can disturb focus and everyday productivity. The sudden change to sit alone without colleagues can cause loneliness and fatigue.

Staying alert and not getting distracted by kids, family members, or television can be a challenging task for people working from home.

Work from home is not meant for every person, but currently, everyone needs to do so under lockdown.

According to psychologists and experts, if we want to be as productive as we were in office, we need to have a daily planner to follow at home.

We must set up an alarm and wake up early. We should avoid late-night movies and series. We should exercise daily indoors as per our schedule, which will increase our stamina, alertness, focus, and health.

We must practice self-discipline by taking a bath, getting dressed for work at home also. Make sure to sit in a well lighted silent place to avoid distraction.

Create deadlines for each assignment and break time to refresh yourself. Always keep yourself hydrated with juices and fruits while working.

Prioritize your family needs and requirements as, during the lockdown, we need to practice a healthy relationship and spend quality time with family as well.

“We will ask the President to authorize four coronavirus emergency hospitals,” says New York Gov. Cuomo

“We will ask the President to authorize four coronavirus emergency hospitals,” says New York Gov. Cuomo

On Friday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced that he would ask the president to permit the construction of four more hospitals as the state battles a rising number of coronavirus cases.

“We’re going to seek to construct four more temporary hospitals, which would provide us extra 4,000 beds,” he explained.

The call from New York’s governor came as the city has reported around 44,635 affirmed cases and 519 deaths from covid-19, according to reports. He said that right now, the state has 53,000 hospital beds and 3,000 ICU beds. At this testing time, New York would require an estimated 140,000 beds and 40,000 ICU beds.

Cuomo stated in a public interview from the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan that one of four temporary hospitals that he has already ordered and the others will be built in Westchester, Stony Brook, and Old Westbury on Long Island. We are still short of beds, so we are moving on plan B.

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Plan B means having a temporary hospital in each borough of New York City, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. According to Cuomo, the sites have been selected, Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, the New York Expo Center in the Bronx, and the City University of New York-College of Staten Island.

Cuomo rehashed earlier projections that virus spread in the NY could reach its peak in around 21 days.

Article Credit: The Hill/Fox News

Brazilians protest under quarantine by clanging pots and pans, saying Bolsonaro ‘Get out!’

Brazilians protest under quarantine by clanging pots and pans, saying Bolsonaro ‘Get out!’

President Jair Bolsonaro faces outrage from citizens as they come out in their balconies and windows to protest against his administration. People clanged pots and pans with wooden spoons and chanted Fora Bolsonaro!” (“Get out, Bolsonaro!”).The Guardian reported.

The Covid-19 has taken nearly 15,000 lives across the world and seems set to do the same in Latin America in the coming weeks. The regional government is shutting borders and closing down big cities to control the virus from spreading.

The quick trigger for the protest against Bolsonaro is due to his reaction to the covid-19 pandemic, as he recently stating that coronavirus is a hysteria, media stunt, and fantasy.

As the pandemic made its first advances into Brazil recently, Brazil’s pioneer sparked outrage as he continued mingling with fans despite being advised to remain quarantined after getting ill during a trip to the US.

As per the Guardian, Wilma Dutra de Oliveira, a language teacher from Leblon, expressed that “We can no longer acknowledge an individual like this as our leader,” “The inclination I have is that the presidential seat is vacant,” and we don’t have a president instead we have a clown who doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.”

However, Mauro Ventura, a Brazilian author, said the window-side protest reflected greater, pent-up discontent against Bolsonaro’s administration the coronavirus emergency had made to detonate.

Oliveira stated that she didn’t anticipate that the present protests will bring about a quick change. Even though numerous intellectuals trust Bolsonaro has irreparably crippled, his odds to get re-elected in 2022.

Article Credit: The Guardian/Reuters

Spain’s becomes the second European nation with reported deaths higher than China due to covid-19

Spain’s becomes the second European nation with reported deaths higher than China due to covid-19

Worldwide the coronavirus has affected nearly all the countries and is spreading quickly. Spain has announced more than 3,400 COVID-19 deaths due to the virus, making it the second European nation with a loss of life higher than in China, where the new coronavirus was first recognized in late 2019.

Recently Italy reported 7,503 deaths because of the virus, which is twofold the number of deaths reported in China.

In Europe, both Spain and Italy are encountering an extremely upsetting situation because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Spain has around 47,610 coronavirus cases, and about 8,000 people were confirmed to have the virus in the past 24 hours, according to reports from Spain’s health ministry.

Spain is in the second week of lockdown, and the numbers are expanding every day, On Wednesday, about 27,000 individuals were hospitalized in Spain as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spain Health Ministry expressed that it will purchase more than $460 million worth of coronavirus fighting equipment and supplies from China to support in battling the pandemic.

Spain’s worst-hit places are Catalonia, Madrid region, and Barcelona. In Rioja, Navarra, and the Basque locale recently, the cases have increased sharply.

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> United States: negotiators reached a deal on a $2-trillion coronavirus rescue package

United States: negotiators reached a deal on a $2-trillion coronavirus rescue package

United States: negotiators reached a deal on a $2-trillion coronavirus rescue package

On Wednesday, Trump administration and the senators have agreed on a deal on financial stimulus bill to reduce the fiscal impact of the coronavirus flare-up, the negotiators expressed. A move proposed to help companies and Americans come of the sudden jolt to the U.S. economy.

It took five days of intense meetings between senators and the White House. The last phases of the negotiations concentrated on placing conditions on corporate loans backstopped by the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve, for example, limiting official compensation and stock buybacks for businesses that require taxpayer-funded support, as indicated by an assistant familiarized with the talks, CNBC reports.

Senator Mitch McConnell stated during a discourse on Wednesday, pledging that the senate would pass the fund package later in the day. “This is a wartime level of investment into our country,” “The people of the greatest nation on the globe are going to defeat the coronavirus and restore our future,” he included.

Congress is feeling the pressure of quickly passing the deal and hopes to comfort both the business sectors and Americans battling the spread of the covid-19.

The deal incorporates a $500 billion for corporate liquidity programs via the Federal Reserve, a $100 billion for the hospitals, a $367 billion for the small business loans program, and $150 billion for local governments and the states, The Politico published.

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It will likewise provide a one-time check of $1,200 to people with no or little tax liability and get the same amount.

Senator Chuck Schumer and his team invested many hours in finalizing the language and working out the remaining major points.

The Democrats had criticized the initial proposal and called it a slush fund.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi lately stated that she is hoping to pass the Senate bill using the unanimous consent of the chamber. Such a deal would not only allow a fast procedure as well as also keep stressed lawmakers far from the Capitol, where the virus has begun to spread.

However, Democratic and Republican leaders in the House are not sure whether it is conceivable to pass the $2 trillion bill without single disapproval from any of the chamber’s 435 congressmen.

During the threat of coronavirus, there is an idea of passing the rescue package by voice vote, which would be a good alternative, is being discussed with the GOP meeting, the source added, The Politico reported.

Article Credit: Politico/CNBC News

Governor Cuomo urged the President, ‘NY needs 30,000 ventilators’ as the virus is spreading rapidly

Governor Cuomo urged the President, ‘NY needs 30,000 ventilators’ as the virus is spreading rapidly

On Tuesday, the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo asked President Trump for more ventilators, alerting that coronavirus could hit the state and reach its peak in 14 days.

Cuomo said at a press conference on Tuesday, “There is no other path for us to get these ventilators,” “We’ve have tried everything. The only way that we can get theses ventilators is by the federal government. That is all.”

The state needs around 30,000 of the ventilators to take care of the influx of coronavirus patients, which is expected to reach its peak in New York in about fourteen days. Up until this point, the state has 7,000; however, it has recently received 400 from the government, Cuomo expressed.

The infection is spreading rapidly in New York, with the case tally multiplying at a fast pace. There are 25,000 cases in New York. Cuomo said that he needs more ventilators quickly as it prepares for the worst-case scenario. Sooner than initial projections had assessed, he included.

Many other governors have likewise begged Trump for more ventilators from the national reserve of clinical supplies. There are around 12,700 ventilators in reserve. However, Cuomo stated concerns that the administration has just sent 400 to New York.

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Cuomo stated angrily at a press meet on Tuesday, “You pick the 26,000 people who are going to die since you just sent 400 ventilators.” “What am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I require 30,000?”.

In a Tuesday meeting on Fox News, Mike Pence said that the national government is planning to send 4,000 to New York in the following two days.

There is a short supply of ventilators in the U.S. and all around the globe as the coronavirus pandemic increases. Since the coronavirus attacks the lungs, the machines are vital to helping critical patients fight the disease.

The Governor said in a press meet that the new projection recommends that we need around one hundred and forty thousand beds in hospitals. We haven’t flattened the curve; it’s increasing.”

Trump affirms that the First Lady Melania Trump is tested negative for Covid-19

Trump affirms that the First Lady Melania Trump is tested negative for Covid-19

On Monday, Trump said to the reporters in a White House press meeting when addressed concerning the principal woman; he affirmed, “she’s fine.” Melania Trump was tested for the novel coronavirus, and the reports came out negative.

President Trump was also tested negative seven days back after he interacted with two people at his Mar-a-Lago beach club resort in Florida. The president insisted that he got tested due to questions by media about his contact with the individuals who were tested positive.

Among the many people who were tested recently in the White House, Vice President Mike Pence, and the second lady Karen Pence both reports came negative for the coronavirus.

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The president’s daughter and a White House senior adviser, Ivanka Trump, too, was tested negative to the infection a week ago. She had met with an Australian official at the beginning of March, who was tested positive for COVID-19. For a prudent step, she worked from home for seven days and later resumed office.

In the Congress, two confirmed cases in the House and one in the Senate were reported; lately, Sen. Rand Paul’s covid-19 test report came out positive on Sunday. Many Congress members have self-quarantined themselves in the wake of interacting with the official who was tested positive.

Article Credit: CNBC News/The Guardian

G20 finance ministers’ failed in presenting a joint statement in response to covid-19 due to US-China standoff
Americas, Europe

G20 finance ministers’ failed in presenting a joint statement in response to covid-19 due to US-China standoff

G20 finance ministers’ held a telephonic discussion; however, they failed to present a joint statement regarding the coronavirus pandemic that was hampered by the disagreements between the US and China.

A blame game about coronavirus between China and the US hindered the expectations of a joint international response.

The G7 group comprises of United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Germany, which managed a joint message after a video conference last week.

A full G20 world leaders teleconference is expected later this week; however, whether an agreement can be reached on a worldwide fiscal boost isn’t clear.

Following the G20 discussions, the IMF’s managing head, Kristalina Georgieva, expressed that the viewpoint for worldwide development was negative and that the world was confronting “a recession at least as terrible as during the worldwide financial crisis or worse.”

She commended the bold monetary measures taken so far and demanded that more was required on the financial front if growth was to be likely in 2021. We are especially worried about low-income nations in the debt crisis,” she added.

At present, according to the data, the worldwide coronavirus pandemic shows 378,679 infected, around 16,507 deaths, and 100, 000 recuperated. Various measures are being taken by nations to battle the Covid-19 and also control its spread.

Article Credit: The Guardian

Egypt hit by a severe sandstorm amid coronavirus and aftermath of a recent rainstorm
Middle East & Africa

Egypt hit by a severe sandstorm amid coronavirus and aftermath of a recent rainstorm

On Monday, Egypt was hit by a sandstorm that came with up to 65 kph whistling winds, covered the sky with dust adding to the burdens of a nation which is currently battling with coronavirus and aftermath of an awful rainstorm earlier this month.

According to the meteorology department, Monday’s sandstorm raised the temperatures to unseasonable highs of up to 30°C, and due to poor visibility in many places, commuters were warned to drive safely.

Even though dust storms are common during springtime in Egypt, however, the current one came while the nation just confronted its most massive rainstorm in many years.

The rainstorm filled the roads with overwhelmed water, which affected houses, internet connectivity, power, and disrupted telephones. The legislature has put aside millions of pounds to help rebuilt homes and fix damages to properties.

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President Abdel Fattah El Sisi stated, “We are a 100 million and must act with extreme seriousness, attention, and sharpness so we, God willing, can securely come out of this,” The National revealed.

According to reports, in Egypt, coronavirus infected 327 people and killed 14, and 33 new cases have been reported recently. The President cautioned that the inability to follow new guidelines constraining social distancing and to avoid potential risk against the virus would surely help contain the spreading of the disease. The residents are strictly urged not to do panic shopping as it will lead to food and medicine shortage during these trying times.

The Egyptian government took significant steps by suspending universities and schools, air travel, and public events. One hundred billion pounds of finance has been endorsed to fight coronavirus. In the financial front, the package included suspension on stock market transactions and financial aid to troubled exporters. Loan costs were cut by 3% to boost investments, The National reported.

Article Credit: The National

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