Taliban leaders announce they now control majority of Afghan territory
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Taliban leaders announce they now control majority of Afghan territory

On Friday, The Taliban leaders stated that they now control a majority of Afghanistan’s territory as the United States military withdrawal proceeds.

He also announced that the US troop’s exit would end on 31 August – almost 20 years after it accomplished its goal. “I won’t send another age of Americans to battle in Afghanistan”, he added.

Recently, the Taliban propels numerous Afghan soldiers to flee from Afghanistan into Tajikistan, which has a Russian army base. Tajikistan thus called up 20,000 military reservists to reinforce its southern line of control with Afghanistan.

Russian authorities have shown concern over the growing surge of the Taliban in Afghanistan. It could destabilize the ex-Soviet Central Asian countries in the north of Afghanistan. Russia has good relations with both the Taliban and Afghanistan’s administration, facilitating a few rounds of dialogues for negotiations.

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The three Taliban authorities at a press conference tried to sooth those worries, exhibiting the group as ready for share powering.  And yet, they asserted the Taliban presently controls 85% of Afghanistan.

“We don’t desire to fight, we are interested in finding a political solution via dialogue. Negotiations of the sort are progressing in Doha,” Suhail Shaheen, a Taliban representative told columnists in comments cited by the Russian news agency Interfax.

The fast advances have developed tensions over the Kabul government’s capacity to withstand a Taliban assault after the U.S. troops make their final exit. It will also pose a threat to women’s rights, children’s education rights, and overall human rights.

The most important matter of concern for Afghanistan is that more than a thousand Afghan soldiers and refugees have escaped into Tajikistan this week as the Taliban took control of the majority of the districts.

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