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Thousands of Pakistanis register for special repatriation flights from UAE amid coronavirus
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Thousands of Pakistanis register for special repatriation flights from UAE amid coronavirus

The Consulate General of Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates announced last Friday that is collecting data of people who want to travel back to Pakistan if any special flights are arranged from UAE, inviting all concerned to fill a proforma online. To curb the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, UAE Ministry of Health and the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) earlier suspended all inbound and outbound passenger flights and the transit of airline passengers in the country.

Over 20,000 Pakistani workers are currently in the Emirates, of which, according to local sources, around 8,000 have already applied to return home since April 3. Although the details about the date and times of the special repatriation flights allowed by the GCAA are still unknown, the Pakistani Consul General, Ahmed Amjad Ali, said authorities intend to prioritize the most urgent cases, including those with expired visas in the UAE Those who had registered included some whose visas had expired, who lost their jobs or stopped being paid by their employer because of the pandemic, as well as those who entered the country on visitor visas.

Pakistan is a major labor supplier in the United Arab Emirates, with over a million Pakistani living and connected in the country. On March 25, 101 Pakistani people have already been repatriated on a special flight departing from Dubai International Airport. It must be said that the vice president and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, confirmed that no one with an expired residence visa would receive fines for not being renewed until the end of the year, as previously announced by UAE Foreign Ministry at the beginning of the epidemic.

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UAE has also decided to renew the suspension of entry of all foreign nationals holding valid UAE residence visa, in a bid to contain the spread of the pandemic and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) previously requested those holding valid UAE visas, and now staying abroad, to register in the ‘Tawajudi for Residents Service’ which has been recently launched through MoFAIC’s website to facilitate their safe return home in emergency situations.

So far, the Emirates recorded 2,076 coronavirus cases and 11 deaths, relatively low numbers compared to neighbouring countries thanks its early response to contain the virus at its onset. UAE adopted rational and early advanced precautionary measures before other countries around them, in the Gulf, to stand up to the challenge, and so far, the citizens and the residents are happy, proud and grateful for the way the leadership dealt with the global emergency.

As the world is witnessing a rapid spread of the COVID-19, the UAE leadership also emerges as a model in humanitarian approach to stand with brotherly and friendly countries and extend a helping need to them in difficult circumstances. At the beginning of March, a total of 215 people of various nationalities have been evacuated with special flights from China to the UAE, where they were placed in the Humanitarian City in Abu Dhabi. Yesterday an aid plane from Dubai carrying approximately 10 tonnes of medical supplies was delivered to Italy to assist the country in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, benefitting over 10,000 healthcare professionals. This aid comes within the framework of numerous other initiatives undertaken by the UAE Government to combat the spread of COVID-19 worldwide. These initiatives include emergency assistance collaborations with the World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as the provision of aid to various countries, including China, Iran, Afghanistan, Seychelles and Pakistan to help them overcome this crisis.

UAE sends aid to Iran to fight the COVID-19 outbreak
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UAE sends aid to Iran to fight the COVID-19 outbreak

The UAE has sent two planes stacked with an essential medical aid to Iran to help the nation battle against the COVID-19 outbreak.

Over 32 tons of medical supplies have been sent to Iran, where 15,000 cases have been recorded, and 853 people have died.

On Monday, two airplanes took off from Abu Dhabi containing more than 32 tons of supplies, including a large number of sets of gloves, protective equipment, and surgical masks.

It was the second batch of help to be sent to Iran from the UAE this month. On March 3, the Emirates helped Iran in collaboration with the World Health Organization, sending a UAE airplane conveying 7.5 tons of medical supplies and five WHO professionals to help 15,000 medical care workers.

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Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Co-operation, stated, “The UAE’s attempts in carrying out a second medical aid flight to Iran are steady with our country’s establishing humanitarian policies, which direct our conviction that supplying life-saving assistance to those undergoing crisis is fundamental to serving the common welfare,” The National detailed.

“The COVID-19 emergency has declared the viability of the UAE’s aid approach, wherein the administration and individuals stand together with countries in their period of need,” she included.

After the underlying Covid-19 episode in Wuhan, the UAE sent medical supplies, including gloves and masks, to China. It additionally sent a necessary medical aid shipment containing 20,000 medical testing kits and equipment to Afghanistan too.

The UAE additionally helped flew 215 people from various nations out of Wuhan to Abu Dhabi, and they are under medical isolation at Emirates Humanitarian City and will be sent to their countries of origin when they are in sound health.

On Monday, Iran announced a rise in number of deaths from the coronavirus reaching to 129 and around 15,000 affirmed cases. Official leading Iran’s response to the pandemic stated concerns that medical services frameworks could be overwhelmed if the pace of new cases continued to rise.

Article Credit: The National/Reuters

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UAE’s admirable initiative in helping friendly countries like Yemen and Sudan save their citizens from coronavirus
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UAE’s admirable initiative in helping friendly countries like Yemen and Sudan save their citizens from coronavirus

About 200 Sudanese from China left the country to UAE, on Emirates Airlines, to put them in quarantine for 25 days, before returning to the capital, Khartoum. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, has spared no effort to help the most troubled countries like Sudan and Yemen to save and protect their citizens from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in China. The United Arab Emirates has coordinated with Sudan, Yemen and other Arab embassies for the evacuation of their nationals from Wuhan City in China. The evacuees have been transferred at the newly established Emirates Humanitarian City in the UAE, and will undergo medical testing and monitoring to ensure their health and safety before they go back to their home countries. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, immediately decided to establish a healthcare facility that will provide the individuals hailing from neighbouring countries with the necessary monitoring and preventative medical care following their evacuation from the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The UAE’s decision to transfer stuck Sudanese and Yemeni students comes as part of an unending effort to help the Arab brothers. Several Arab ambassadors praised the UAE’s humanitarian initiative to evacuate citizens of friendly countries from Wuhan, and host them in the UAE humanitarian city. The ambassadors added that this humanitarian gesture is not strange for the UAE’s leadership, government and people, who always lead in providing humanitarian assistance everywhere. Fahad Saeed Al Menhali, Ambassador of Yemen to the UAE, thanked Abu Dhabi and its leadership for the humanitarian initiative, stressing that the Yemeni people will remember its supportive stance to stand by them during good and bad times. Also, Mohammed Amin Abdulla Al Kareb, Ambassador of Sudan to the UAE, praised the rapid response of the UAE’s government to the request of the Sudanese government to evacuate Sudanese students studying in China. who thanked the UAE’s leadership for its humanitarian actions while expressing his gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, UAE Ambassador to Sudan, and the staff of the UAE Embassy in Khartoum, who fully coordinated with the Sudanese government during the evacuation process.

Zaid Ezzeddine Mohammed Nouri, Ambassador of Iraq to the UAE, He praised the UAE’s efforts to help Iraqis who are in China and suffering from difficult conditions and their keenness to cooperate with Iraq while affirming that the UAE leads in supporting Iraq after 2003. The World Health Organization on Monday sent its first planeload of assistance to Iran to help fight coronavirus, dispatching six medics with tonnes of medical equipment and test kits aboard a UAE military aircraft. As the supplies worth more than $300,000 – including gloves, surgical masks and respirators – were loaded onto the United Arab Emirates military transport plane in Dubai. WHO operations manager Nevien Attalla said some 15,000 health workers in Iran would benefit from the UAE supplies which were the “first big shipment which supports the response to coronavirus”.

The Emirati’s efforts to help humanity overcome the Coronavirus challenge continue uninterruptedly. Mohamed Bin Zayed and Bill Gates, Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, yesterday discussed over a phone call, ways to enhance humanitarian cooperation in health as well as disease and epidemic control in the light of the success they have achieved in several previous global partnerships and initiatives. According to WAM news agency, Sheikh Mohamed and Gates also spoke about the possibility of intensifying cooperation and joint work between UAE’s humanitarian institutions and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to tackle the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, and support the efforts of the international community, governments and societies to limit its spread. They reviewed the most important humanitarian initiatives and partnerships between the two sides which aim to reduce the spread of diseases and epidemics that hinder social and economic development.

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Emirati forces … an eternal imprint in Yemen’s memory.
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Emirati forces … an eternal imprint in Yemen’s memory.

The UAE armed forces represented a difference, within the Arab Alliance to Support Stability in Yemen. In addition to its military effort in assisting brothers and combating terrorism, the armed forces have contributed to supporting humanitarian efforts, and have contributed prominent, pivotal and strategic roles in normalizing public life and advancing various developmental aspects in more than 22 Yemeni governorates, where a long and wide range of humanitarian, charitable and development projects have been implemented that It benefits all segments and societal groups.

The liberation of Al-Mukalla, the capital of Hadramaut, the largest Yemeni city from the hegemony and control of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, represented a pivotal turning point in the path of combating terrorism in Yemen, where qualified Yemeni security and military formations that were carefully trained by the Emirati forces managed to regain control of the city that Al-Qaeda transformed it into a closed “emirate” on its influence and control, which turned into an after-effect after the Emirati intervention that started from the established values ​​of Emirati values ​​in combating extremism and fighting terrorism, which made the UAE represent the spearhead in the international coalition to combat terrorism.

The researcher in the history of fundamentalist groups, “Muhammad Abdel Nasser Banaji,” in a statement, considered that Hadramout, which is the largest governorate of Yemen and represents a third of the country, was threatened by the entire Al-Qaeda organization, which represented its control of the capital of the province, “Al-Mukalla”, a nightmare for all The sons of Hadhramaut, as it will pave the way for the terrorist organization to expand its influence and control over other parts of the province, which was not achieved, thanks to the Emirates that have competently led the battle to liberate the “Mukalla” and were able with their own forces and the Yemeni units that qualified them to fight this battle .Many of the leaders and elements of al-Qaeda who survived being killed in the clashes, disguised themselves in women’s clothes, to avoid being caught by the anti-terrorist forces.

Panaji pointed out that ending the presence and control of the so-called “Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula”, which is the strongest branch of the extremist fundamentalist organization in Mukalla and the “Azan” region of Shabwa, which the organization declared a “emirate” for it, striking the organization’s dens in “Abyan” and pursuing its elements in Marib Adjacent to the Saudi border, such an unprecedented achievement would not have been achieved without the UAE’s support, extensive logistical support operations, and the serious and qualitative qualification of the forces that fought.

The UAE has a unique, effective and pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities of the national army forces, both at the armed and combat levels, by undertaking the task of qualifying more than 90,000 soldiers and commanders and enabling them to “advanced” technical and field capabilities. See more Latest news on africa.

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