‘Racist’ Boston to elect first non-white mayor in the history

‘Racist’ Boston to elect first non-white mayor in the history

As we move close to see the change in one of the biggest democratic countries of the world, this time in Boston there are all five major candidates of colour in the position of mayor. This includes two Black women who are setting the stage for voters to elect the first non-white man to lead the city.

This year in March, acting Mayor Kim Janey became the first non-white man to lead the city since its inception. Janey and Councilor Andrea Campbell prove what many Black women have tried to explain for years. There can be more than one amazingly qualified Black woman in the room at a time.   

They were accompanied by Councilors Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George, the four women remain at the top of the heap, with recent polls showing Wu and Janey in the lead. John Barros, the city’s former economic development chief, rounds out the candidate pool. All the candidates came forward with one hope and message that closing the racial wealth gap was a moral imperative for the city. 

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Another candidate Campbell is not counting herself out after the poll results rather are of the opinion that whether as the first Black woman to serve as City Council president or as the surviving twin who grew up in a world that provided little support for her brother, she is going to put her best foot forward and fight for the justice that their race deserves.

Erin O’Brien, who is an associate professor in political science and race at the University of Massachusetts, says that there has never been an election like this in Boston. The city has a reputation for being one of the most unequal places in America. It was also considered the most unwelcoming place to black people.

However, turning the tables around this election in September are going to be extremely interesting and historic. Mayor Janey stated that she is standing up for empowering people. Be it parents, community members or church members and to make the institutions that represent them respond to their real needs.

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