Navalny Impersonates To Prove Kremlin Role In Assassination Attempt

Navalny Impersonates To Prove Kremlin Role In Assassination Attempt

Kremlin Role In Assassination: In a stubborn determination to not give up on a fight for fair democracy in Russia, opposition leader Alexei Navalny has gone all out to investigate the power behind derailment of his campaign efforts.

Navalny had been poisoned with a dangerous nerve paralyzing agent that has taken him months to recover from. It has been confirmed that Navalny actually impersonated a security officer and duped a Russian FSB state agent into revealing details of the life threatening attack on him. He had been injected with with the nerve agent Novichok through a cup of black coffee while he was on flight and had to be rushed back to Siberia. 

In his conversation with the Russian FSB agent, it was discovered that indeed, it was the quick response of the on-flight staff and pilot that saved the Russian former Yale University politician’s life. 

The investigative group Bellingcat has further reported that the agent (Mr. Kudryavtsev) was asked to go back and clear any traces of the nerve agent while Navalny was being treated in the ICU. Navalny has been in the ICU since August 2020 and is still in recovering stage. 

In the ongoing investigations by Bellingcat, Putin had taken to the local television and said that all this work is a conspiracy initiated by the US. But strangely, the investigations carried out by the group also proves that in fact, there were several FSB agents, chemical weapons specialists, who, had been tailing Mr. Navalny for years before the attempt on his life.

In the summer, before the August poisoning, Mr Navalny campaigned to get several of his supporters elected to councils in Siberia. Navalny is the only young dynamic politician that has a fighting chance against the dictatorial rule of Vladimir Putin. Kremlin has been consistently denying any foul play in the attempted murder of Navalny. 

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