Kremlin Seeks Support Of Middle East For Peace In Libya
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Kremlin Seeks Support Of Middle East For Peace In Libya

Kremlin Seeks Support: Russia is now seeking help from some likeminded countries to restore democracy and normalcy in Libya. For this, Kremlin has asked the UAE and Egypt to mitigate the change. 

Egyptian, in response, is seeking negotiations in Geneva where it is focused at the exit of foreign mercenaries who have been instrumental in creating chaos in Libya. This proposal has garnered support from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Russia, Jordan and Bahrain. This agreement has come through in a recent press briefing held in Moscow.

According to UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, “The greatest challenge facing Libya is the control of the extremist groups that have dominated the political scene for over a decade.”

Libya has been at loss of a proper functioning government since 2011, post which the country has been tossed around between rival administrations in the east and the west. 

Russia has been in support of General Haftar who is on the other side of the warring faction in Libya. Any kind of peace talks which involves Haftar, it is confirmed, does not feature on the negotiation table for defense minister the UN-backed government of GNA in Libya, Salah-al-Namroush, who has also publicly reproached France for siding with Haftar. 

According to the UN backed GNA, Khalifa Haftar is nothing less that a war criminal and a warlord.  Till date, despite a ceasefire and long standing arms embargo, Libya continues to be swamped by 20,000 foreign fighters and mercenaries, the United Nations envoy to the country has confirmed recently, calling the situation a “shocking violation of Libyan sovereignty.”

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