Biden faces tough resistance from Republicans amidst COVID19 vaccine push

Biden faces tough resistance from Republicans amidst COVID19 vaccine push

WASHINGTON: As President Biden urges to vaccinate the Americans, he is facing deep skepticism among the Republicans, a group that is challenging for him to persuade.

He is currently facing degrees of opposition to coronavirus vaccination including African-Americans and the Republican antivaccine activists, polling says that opinions in this regard are spread along partisan lines.

Nearly one-third of Republicans, in a CBS news poll, said that they would not want to be vaccinated — in comparison to 10 percent of Democrats — and nearly around 20 percent of Republicans said they were “very unsure”. All other polls have seen similar trends.

The Biden administration is currently readying television and online advertising and are on all-out efforts to promote the vaccination process, the challenge to the White House is very complicated mainly due to the perceptions of his predecessor President Donald J. Trump’s rigid stance on the issue. Even though Mr. Trump was vaccinated prior to his departure from office and urged the conservatives to not get inoculated last month, most of his supporters appear pretty reluctant to do so, and he has clearly not played a very decisive role in promoting vaccination.

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When ssked about this issue on Monday at his office, Mr. Biden played the challenge down by saying that Mr. Trump’s assistance in promoting vaccination was less important compared to getting trusted opinion leaders on board.

If the widespread opposition to vaccination was not overcome, it could lead the United States stay aback from the point where the spread of the coronavirus could be halted. It will directly set back the efforts to get the economy back on track and people won’t get back to a normal life anytime soon. The problem until now is access to the right supplies of the vaccine, administration officials are of the expectation that exceeding demands won’t be seen if this many Americans remain reluctant.

Furthermore, with respect to this decision, a National Hockey team’s skills camp was also called off and players were asked to go back to their homes after being tested.

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