Texas becomes the first US state to lift mask mandate

Texas becomes the first US state to lift mask mandate

Texas becomes the first US state to end the mask mandate amid the pandemic, Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday. Making it the most populous state to end one of the most useful methods to slow down the virus spread.

Abbott stated at a news meeting on Tuesday, “It is currently an ideal moment to open Texas 100%. However, “Covid-19 has not abruptly vanished,” he added. 

As per the AP news, the sudden announcement in Texas has startled doctors and big-city leaders, as the coronavirus has killed over 43,000 individuals in the city. One hospital administrator in Houston told his frontline workers that they would soon require more ventilators and medical staff. 

Many health experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have advised against reopening the states fast. On Friday, at a White House press meeting, Dr. Fauci cautioned against easing coronavirus protocols until the U.S. new covid cases are below the average baseline. 

White House senior coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt told CNN on Tuesday that he hopes that Abbott will reconsider the removal of restrictions, particularly ending wearing of the facial masks. 

Eatery owners have started worrying whether they would also relax the coronavirus protocols while dining as they were already permitted to be completely open.

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Abbott’s official order will be fully implemented on March 10, abrogating a past chief request gave in October. As per the new orders, if hospitalization rates surpass the 15% medical bed capacity within a week, the county judges may utilize relief methodologies in their jurisdictions. 

On the contrary, on Tuesday, Texas has reported 2.6 million cases and 43,918 deaths, as per Johns Hopkins University.

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