6 killed, many injured in a massive vehicle collision on the ice sheet in Fort Worth, Texas

6 killed, many injured in a massive vehicle collision on the ice sheet in Fort Worth, Texas

At least six people were dead and many got injured in a massive vehicle collision reported around 6 am in Fort Worth, Texas. 36 individuals were moved from the scene, including ones that were critically injured, police stated. Various patients were examined and treated on the scene, added police, while others left the accident site all alone however later went to emergency for a checkup. 

According to The Guardian, a video was taken by a passing driver around 6.20 am that showed how the vehicles were unable to stop and crashed into one another with a loud noise. 

Matt Zavadsky, a representative for MedStar told the Guardian, that all the vehicles got damaged at the scene; it will take a great deal to disentangle this pile as various tow trucks are on site.

Zavadsky added that the road was so tricky from the ice that many first responders were slipping and his team had brought sand and salt mix in the ambulances to help lessen the icy sheet on the road. 

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, freezing rain in bone-chilling temperatures created the icy sheet on the road which caused the accident.

The freezing precipitation was expected to continue on Wednesday night at some point after 6 p.m, as temperatures drift below freezing point. There ought to be “heavier precipitation rates” into Thursday morning in DFW, with freezing precipitation and potentially sleet, as per Sarah Barnes, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth. She mentioned that it’s harder to predict where these sleets could occur. 

The weather services have announced a winter weather advisory for North Texas on Thursday, cautioning freezing precipitation could cause icy-sheets on bridges and highways. The residents are advised to stay cautious while driving and keep the speed slow. 

Mayor of Fort Worth, Betsy Price tweeted after the mishap, “My heart is breaking for our community as the degree of the losses we are encountering from the Texas crash. I realize that so many of you are requesting to volunteer to help,” At present, Fort Worth needs prayers for the families, the injured, and for the first responders, she added.

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