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UN Security Council urged members to improve collaboration with the Arab League
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UN Security Council urged members to improve collaboration with the Arab League

On Monday, in the UN Security Council meeting, top priority was given to discuss the problems that continue to plague the Arab world and members tried to find out ways to improve cooperation with the League of Arab states.

The Council members discussed the extended conflict in Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Syria, just as the Middle East harmony measure, as they concurred that cooperation and multilateralism are key necessities for sustaining harmony. Earlier, they had also discussed the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and global warming, and in 2019 a liaison office was set up by the Council in Cairo. 

Both the UN and the Arab League were set up in 1945 to ensure worldwide peace and security. Cooperation between them has grown over time in finding resolutions, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding, humanitarian aid, human rights, countering terrorism, refugees, and sustaining harmony and demilitarization.

The secretary-general of the Arab League Ahmed Abul Gheit told the council that the double whammy of pandemic and continuing conflicts has negatively affected the region. He likewise added that a two-state solution for the contention between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

“We are anticipating that the new US administration will rectify policies and engage in a productive political solution with the support of regional and global parties,” he added. 

“This would provide a new hope to the Palestinian public if the international community will stand by in its respectable yearning to accomplish freedom and independence.” 

In Syria, five nations are meddling militarily and the situation precarious, mainly in the south, northwest, and northeast, Gheit added.

In Yemen the support Arab league and its member states are vital. There is a need to implement aid operations and find a solution to the threat of famine in Yemen.” 

The under-secretary-general for political and peacebuilding affairs Rosemary DiCarlo stated that the pandemic has “intensified tensions on the multilateral framework, as well as the need for cooperation, has been important”. 

She expressed gratitude toward the Arab League for its commitment to peacekeeping endeavors in various widespread conflicts. This incorporates support for the UN’s ambassador to Syria and the Syrian Constitutional Committee, and tries to maintain the worldwide agreement on the two-state solution.

The political coordinator for the US mission to the UN Rodney Hunter stated that Iran continues to be the main threat to spoil the regional peace and security. Iran-backed local armies in Iraq “regularly involve in a statewide theft of Iraqi state assets, lead and spread sectarian violence,” Hunter added. 

The Arab countries have normalized relations with Israel as of late and called for other nations to follow the move, stated Hunter.

China Finds Right Moment To Get Back At Germany At UN Security Council Meeting
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China Finds Right Moment To Get Back At Germany At UN Security Council Meeting

UN Security Council Meeting: Germany’s exit from the UN Security Council is receiving an open applause from China.  Berlin finished its two year term as a non-permanent member of the council which in the words of Germany’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Christoph Heusgen ‘desperately needed an overhaul’.

Heusgen was known to call a spade-a-spade and received great respect from the media for stating facts, as they were. But that has never gone well with the active nation members with the UN Security Council.

China is one of them, who has felt that Heusgen in fact said everything possible to jeopardize the working relationship between the nation members. 

On the exit meeting, Heusgen was loud and clear. He said, “Let me end my tenure on the Security Council by appealing to my Chinese colleagues to ask Beijing for the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. Christmas is the right moment for such a gesture,” Heusgen told the council session, whose official agenda topic was Iran.

China did not like this and landed up commenting, “Out of the bottom of my heart: Good riddance,” when Heusgen would have to exit from the council. 

Kovrig is a former Canadian diplomat who was working as an adviser for the International Crisis Group think tank. Michael Spavor is a businessperson who was also detained along with Kovrig by Beijing in 2018 shortly after Canadian police picked up Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou on a U.S. warrant.

The Chinese deputy U.N. ambassador, Geng Shuang added on while Heusgen would exit that, “I am hoping that the council in your absence in the year 2021 will be in a better position to fulfil the responsibilities…for maintaining international peace and security.”

Germany has been known to be outspoken and honest in their dealings of diplomatic relations and respect for international relations while China would want to only play ball to show itself in good light. 

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