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Artificial Intelligence – the new player influencing India’s geopolitics

Artificial Intelligence – the new player influencing India’s geopolitics

Artificial Intelligence: We are living in an era of global internet and intelligence and data sharing, that is potentially changing how the world functions. Post-Cold War, the global powers moved intentionally from traditional military focus and rivalry to gaining economic competency and growth. That was the time when the geopolitical standing of any nation was governed by its physical resources like oil. This remained the determining criteria of a country’s global standing for a long time until past decade that witnessed emergence of artificial intelligence as the new geopolitical tool. 

Artificial Intelligence is a magnificent tool that can improve agricultural yield, predict weather, forecast disease patterns and help control them, and also manage supply chain convolutions for essentialities of any nation like drugs, food and other basic products. The extent to which any country invests in its artificial intelligence impacts its global as well as regional footing. 

Recent years have seen AI and technology play a key role in framing strategic relationships and allies, along with diplomatic standing. India, as an emerging player in Asia and a global leader, too has been in great influence through AI as a key participant in the Quad strategic forum along with USA, Japan and Australia. This alliance is standing strong to counter the aggressive influence of China in Asia-Pacific region, as the Quad members have taken major technological and AI related initiatives. 

This year in October India entered an agreement with Japan regarding sharing and co-operation for AI along with other strategic fronts.  

United States is eyeing India as a strong ally in the region, standing opposite the common opponent China, while encouraging collaboration around technology and artificial intelligence as the focal point to create US-India Strategic Tech Alliance (UISTA). 

In June, India joined GPAI (Global Partnership for AI) as one of the founding members, along with other Quad nations. The alliance stands against China to counter its growth in technology. India as a member becomes a major geopolitical player in the region. 

India has an added advantage, that China lacks, placing it at a strong position – democracy and functioning constitution. These added gems with India can influence its AI policy, thereby influencing its role in GPAI and Quad and strengthening its establishment. 

India is actively making allies and forging new relationships through AI collaborations, something that is bound to benefit it in future. The current leadership ensures of putting nation’s strategic interest at a priority and thereby projecting it as a strong player in region and world. Furthermore, these collaborations are bound to ensure equitable outcomes to all participants, something which is important to seal allies. 

Australia Japan to reinforce defense ties amid the rising Chinese economy
Asia Pacific Focus

Australia Japan to reinforce defense ties amid the rising Chinese economy

Australia Japan to reinforce defense ties: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison visits Japan to hold a meeting with his Japanese ally, Yoshihide Suga, to reinforce defense ties between the two US partners to counter China’s growing economy and its developing confidence in the Asia-Pacific region.

The two nations are near to conclude a Reciprocal Access Agreement, a lawful system to permit their soldiers to visit each other’s nations and conduct joint training and exercises. Morrison and Suga going to conclude the agreement on Tuesday. 

They are additionally expected to talk about the worsening Covid situation and the declining economy, Japanese authorities announced. 

Whenever marked, it will be Japan’s first such deal since the 1960 status of forces deal with the United States, which set bases for around 50,000 American soldiers to work in and around Japan under the Japan-US security agreement. 

Japan is dedicated towards maintaining and deepening its 60-year-old partnership with the US. As the foundation of Japanese discretion and security, however, has as of late tried to supplement its regional defense by venturing up cooperation with others, particularly Australia, in China’s developing sea activity that has spread from the East and South China oceans. 

Bach and Morrison are in Tokyo this week and utilized the opportunity to discuss adjacent to IOC member and Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) President John Coates about the Olympics.

Japan clings to self-defense and boycotts first strikes under its postwar pacifist ideology, however, has supported its defense capacity and spending under the former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. 

Abe pushed Japan’s military weapons and cooperation agreement with the US as it progressively works alongside US troops and reinforced buying of expensive stealth fighters and various weapons from the USA. 

Suga, who took charge of Japan in mid-September following Abe’s resignation because of medical reasons, is continuing on his predecessor’s strategic and security policies.

Japan regards Australia as a semi-partner and the two nations for the first time consented to a defense agreement in 2007.

The two nations conceded to the sharing of military supplies in 2013, extending it in 2017 to include weapons after Japan eased limitations on arms supply transfers.

Japan has started the Free and Open Indo-Pacific” vision of financial and security collaboration as a counter to China’s impact, and as of late facilitated foreign ministerial discussions among the nations known as the Quad that additionally incorporates Australia, the US, and India. 

They presently to bring in more nations in Southeast Asia and beyond that share matters related to China’s expanding assertiveness in the region. 

China denies violating any international laws in its actions in the regional sea and has condemned the Quad as a NATO in Asia against China. 

Japan and Australia both have reported economic challenges with Beijing and various sanctions being placed on many products.

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