Ireland to shut all schools and universities until 29 March COVID-19

Ireland to shut all schools and universities until 29 March COVID-19

Ireland’s PM Leo Varadkar stated in an announcement, saying the measures to battle the spread of novel coronavirus will remain in place till 29 March. All universities, schools, and childcare facilities in Ireland will shut from tomorrow until the month’s end.

He gave a live address to the people from Washington DC, where he is scheduled to meet President Donald Trump as part of the yearly St. Patrick’s Day program.

Ireland’s chief medical officer stated that the administration had tried measures to delay the spread, instead of necessarily contain it, following a rise in numbers in nine clusters across the nation.

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Ireland reported its first demise of a patient diagnosed with the virus on Wednesday, and on Thursday, the number of confirmed cases rose to 70 from 43. Two new cases in Northern Ireland, the British region, which shares an open border with the Irish Republic, brought the aggregate there to 20, the Reuters reported.

“Acting together as a country, we can save numerous lives,” Varadkar said. All indoor mass social events of more than 100 individuals and outside mass get-togethers of over 500 individuals ought to be dropped, and where possible individuals should work from home, he included.

Outside one general store near to the downtown area, a few shoppers asked why the legislature took steps sooner. Ireland recorded its first coronavirus case on 29 February.

Varadkar urged citizens to restrict social interactions and for workplaces to stagger break times and hold meetings remotely to restrain contact. He included that it’s the government’s responsibility to shield those who have the most chances to get affected by COVID-19, for example, senior citizens and heart, lung, and diabetes patients.

Article Credit: Reuters/Sky News

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