Canadian PM Justin Trudeaus wife tested positive for COVID-19

Canadian PM Justin Trudeaus wife tested positive for COVID-19

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s better half Grégoire Trudeau was experiencing mild flu symptoms and was tested positive for COVID-19, for precautionary measures she is advised to stay in isolation for 14 days, the Prime Minister’s office stated in an announcement late Thursday.

The PM’s office stated earlier on Thursday that Sophie Gregoire Trudeau came back from London and experienced influenza-like symptoms, so she was tested for the coronavirus, and the test came positive.

“The Prime Minister is healthy without any symptoms. As a careful step and following the advice of medical professionals, he will be in quarantine for an arranged time of 14 days,” and Sophie too will be in isolation for 14 days, the office added.

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Pompeo ask Iran to liberate US citizens from prisons due to coronavirus outbreak

Pompeo ask Iran to liberate US citizens from prisons due to coronavirus outbreak

Canada reported 145 new coronavirus cases; there has been one death. Seven of Canada’s ten provinces have reported the spread of infections.

Ontario, the most crowded province, recorded 17 new cases overnight, a 40% leap. To contain the virus, officials requested all schools to close from Saturday to April 5.

In a shock to the ice hockey-obsessed Canadians, the National Hockey League suspended its season because of the deadly virus outbreak, although it maintained its goal was to resume the game “when it is suitable and reasonable,” so that teams could compete for the Stanley Cup title.

With the Canadian dollar at a four-year low against the U.S. dollar and stocks plunging, the Bank of Canada reported measures to infuse liquidity into the market.

Worldwide, over 127,000 people have been infected by the deadly respiratory sickness COVID-19.

The Canadian PM office stated, “The Prime Minister will fully resume his duties and will address Canadian public tomorrow.” Reuters detailed.

Article Credit: CNN/Reuters

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