Harvey Weinstein convicted for 23 years in jail on rape charges

Harvey Weinstein convicted for 23 years in jail on rape charges

On Wednesday, Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood titan, turned convicted rapist, has been sentenced for 23 years in jail in New York. The fallen film producer was handed down his punishment by Judge James Burke at the New York supreme court, having been indicted for rape charges. The judge pronounced 20 years for first-degree criminal sex act for forcing oral sex on a production assistant, Miriam Haley, in 2006.

His accusers, especially those individuals who testified against him and numerous other people who voiced against him, hailed near-maximum sentence for his rape and criminal sex act convictions as they felt it was overdue, AP News reported.

On Wednesday, the 67-year-old Weinstein, who showed up at the town hall in a wheelchair and was taken to a hospital after chest pain complaints following the court hearing, could spend the rest of his remaining life behind bars.

He was sentenced a month ago for rape charges against an aspiring female actor in a New York City hotel room in 2013 and also forcing oral sex on former TV and movie production assistant Mimi Haleyi at his residence in 2006. He faces a minimum of five years and a maximum of 29 years in jail.

The convictions denoted the first criminal fallout from a pile of charges that the Oscar-winning filmmaker utilized his capacity to lure females, harass and sexually assault, and then afterward silence them.

Judge James Burke stated in imposing the verdict that, “Although this is the first sentence, this isn’t the primary offense.”

Weinstein, who didn’t testify during the preceding, tended to his accusers, saying, “To all the ladies who testified, we may have distinctive truths. However, I have greater remorse for every one of you.” But he likewise contended that men are being blamed for “things that none of us understood,” AP News reported.

“A great many men are losing a fair process. I’m worried over this nation,” he stated in a quiet yet squeaking voice. “I’m completely confounded. I think men are also shocked over these issues.”

Haleyi had tears in her eyes as she told the court the 2006 assault, which scarred her profoundly and “stripped me of my dignity as a lady.” The experience made her reexamine her career in the entertainment industry and left her scared of retaliation, she added.

Weinstein, in his address to the court, stated that his past charitable fund-raising and his movie-making career, and he vowed that his new “focus is to help people.” He said that his “empathy has increased” since his downfall.

In the aftermath, over 90 women, including Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow, and numerous different on-screen female actors, openly accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault during the social media #MeToo movement.

Prosecutors said the man once lauded as a titan of Hollywood merited a harsh punishment that would represent many years of supposed wrongdoing. Yet, Weinstein’s attorneys looked for a five-year sentence — the shortest conceivable sentence as referring to his age and health conditions. He additionally faces sexual and rape assault charges in the state of California.

Article Credit: The Guardian/ Associated Press

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