Italian PM Giuseppe Conte announces new restrictive measures to deal with Covid-19

Italian PM Giuseppe Conte announces new restrictive measures to deal with Covid-19

The Italian government announces new restrictive measures to deal with the Coronavirus. “To have an effective response” to these measures “we will have to wait a couple of weeks” explained Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, listing the new provisions: “Hairdressers, beauty salons and canteen services will close. Essential public services, including transport, remain guaranteed. Newsstands also remain open to allow the sale of key newspapers in an emergency health situation. Stores, bars, pubs and restaurants close. Home delivery is permitted. For production activities it must be encouraged. agile work as much as possible, encourage holidays for the workers”.

The factories will remain open but “with safety measures”. Activities in the agricultural, zootechnical and agri-food processing sectors will be guaranteed in Italy, in compliance with hygiene and health regulations, including the supply chains that offer goods and services with respect to these activities “. “If the numbers continue to grow, which is probable, it doesn’t mean that we will have to hurry to launch new measures. We will not have to go blindly towards the abyss. We will have to be clear, responsible,” said Conte. “It is not necessary to do anything rush to buy food: grocery stores remain open” is the appeal of Giuseppe Conte.

In Italy there are 10,590 Covid-19 patients overall, those hospitalized with symptoms 5,838 and 3,724 are in home isolation, while the healed are 1045 in total, of which 41 today. In the daily bulletin, the Commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency, Angelo Borrelli, then specified that the number of sick people increased by 2,076 units compared to yesterday, while the total number of infected people – including victims and the recovered – reached 12,462. The victims are a total of 827: compared to yesterday there are 196 more. Hospitals in the northern regions are collapsing, thousands of people die from other diseases without having available beds.

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