Former Obama aide Robert Malley is expected to be appointed as US envoy to Iran

Former Obama aide Robert Malley is expected to be appointed as US envoy to Iran

A former President Obama’s security aide Robert Malley is expected to be appointed as U.S. Ambassador to Iran, a senior State Department official stated on Thursday. 

The senior officials and few others acquainted with the decision stated that Secretary of State Antony Blinken will appoint Rob Malley as the Biden government’s ambassador to Iran and its formal announcement will be made on Friday. 

Many officials spoke over the matter in conditions of anonymity as they were not allowed to speak on the issue publicly. They stated that Malley would head a committed team of clear-eyed experts with a variety of ideas. Blinken is certain that he will be able to deliver that once again.

Currently, Malley works for the International Crisis Group. Iran is shocked that Malley, who is known for his support for Israel and was the main architect of the 2015 atomic deal is expected to be the US envoy to Iran. They fear that President Biden’s eagerness to rejoin the Iran deal at any cost could lead to sacrificing the security of the Gulf Arab states and Israel.

However, like Biden, Blinken has reiterated that the U.S. would maintain its commitments under the Iran nuclear deal by easing sanctions if Iran fully complies with the agreement. Only then the United States will re-join the deal. 

Blinken has been hesitant about how Malley will pursue any commitment with Iran and refused to talk about specific personnel he would require to lead in that position.

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Blinken stated on Wednesday, “If Iran returns into full agreement with its obligations under the (agreement), the United States would perform the same thing and afterward we would utilize that as a stage to build, with our partners and allies, what we consider a more extended and more grounded deal and manage various different issues that are profoundly tricky in the relationship with Tehran,” however, we are far from that stage, Blinken added.

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