Tehran urges UN Watchdogs Not to Write Redundant Nuclear Details
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Tehran urges UN Watchdogs Not to Write Redundant Nuclear Details

Tehran urges UN: On Sunday, Iran asked the United Nations’ atomic watchdog to abstain from writing redundant details on Tehran’s atomic program, a day after France, Germany, and Britain declared that Tehran has “no tenable civilian use” for its advancement of uranium, the state TV reported. 

The report cited that Iran’s atomic department had requested the International Atomic Energy Agency to try not to give away details on Iran’s atomic program that may confuse the global community.

It is vital that the global nuclear energy agency abstains from giving out pointless details and forestall misunderstanding in the population, the statement added. 

On Saturday, Germany, France, and Britain pushed Iran to ease off its programs to produce uranium metal, pronouncing it “the most recent planned infringement” of the 2015 atomic agreement with international leaders. 

On Thursday, the IAEA stated that Iran had informed them about installing machines for the manufacturing of uranium metal. Tehran maintains its arrangements to direct innovative work on the uranium metal program to continue research and development on uranium metal making as a part of its plans to design an enhanced type of fuel.

The statement added that the uranium metal is a common product in the production of uranium silicide, a fuel utilized in atomic reactors that is more secure and has more power than uranium oxide-based fuel, which Iran is producing. 

Iran’s FM Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday discarded the allegations by France that Tehran was currently developing its atomic weapons, calling it an absurdity. French FM Jean-Yves Le Drian stated that Iran was developing its atomic weapons and it was dire that Tehran and Washington rethink the 2015 atomic deal, Journal du Dimanche published in an interview on Saturday.

Zarif censured France, Germany, and Britain for failing to fortify the agreement since 2018 when the Trump administration withdrew from the atomic deal and began imposing economic sanctions on Iran.

However, the U.S. President-elect Joe Biden has ensured that if Iran strictly adheres to the rules of the agreement, then the US will think about returning to the atomic deal.

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