Brazil interested in opening economy while virus spreads dangerously

Brazil interested in opening economy while virus spreads dangerously

Brazil might be in for a huge surprise as its corona virus death toll reaches 4500 and cases of infection cross the 60,000 mark. While many European countries and the US are now trying to go back to normal life, Brazil might have failed to carry out sensitization drives to inform and educate people staying indoors to seek medical help, in case they feel sick.

The real problem is that most cases might be indoors, without the knowledge of authorities as people have not landed up in hospital seeking help or treatment. Number of cases of testing seems to be low; confirming the fact, that the infection might be more widespread than what meets the eye.

Some scientists said over 1 million in Brazil are probably infected. The country is heading into winter, which can worsen respiratory illnesses. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro might be turning a deaf ear to the disaster in making. Speaking to the media he insists that people need to think about resuming their lives to prevent an economic meltdown. While most state governors in the country have adopted restrictions to slow the spread and pushed people to stay at home, the internal asymptomatic spread has not been taken into consideration.

A popular health minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta had been defended physical distancing till April when he was fired by Bolsonaro for not towing the line. There were a series of disagreements over efforts to contain the virus, replacing him with an advocate for reopening the economy. Residents protested but Bolsonaro opted to ignore their acts of leaning out their windows under lockdown banging pots and pans as childish tantrum.

Additionally, medical officials in Rio de Janeiro and at least four other major cities have already warned that their hospital systems are on the verge of collapse or too overwhelmed to take any more patients. Sadly, Brazil’s funeral industry has also issued a warning that the city is running out of coffins and “there could soon be corpses left on corners.” Clearly, the Brazilian infrastructure might not be able to handle an overwhelming outburst of the pandemic, and this will only show Bolsonaro’s lack of vision and myopic thinking as a nation’s leader.

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