Biden proposed a summit with Putin and discussed ongoing tension with Ukraine

Biden proposed a summit with Putin and discussed ongoing tension with Ukraine

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden during a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested a summit in coming months to discuss US-Russia relations and ongoing tensions with Ukraine.

It’s the second time that the two presidents have spoken over phone since US president Biden took office in January. Biden urged Putin to “de-escalate tensions near the Ukrainian borders as concerns over Moscow’s military buildup” along Ukraine’s border is growing.

However, as per the White House, over the phone call, President Biden additionally told Putin that the United States would “act firmly in defense for the national interest in regards to Russia’s election interference or cyber attack. Biden offered to hold a summit in a third nation “in the coming months” to examine the full scope of U.S. – Russia problems, the White House added. 

The Biden-Putin relations have been rough in the initial time of the new US administration. Biden is thinking of action against Russia for reports of Russian bounties on U.S. troopers in Afghanistan, the SolarWinds hacking, Russian interference in the 2020 US elections, and the imprisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. 

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There is a developing worry in the West about a surge of truce violation in eastern Ukraine, where Russia-baсked separatists and Ukrainian authorities have been secured a contention since Moscow’s 2014 edition of Ukraine’s the Crimean Peninsula. Biden’s phone call with Putin came as the top U.S. ambassador and the head of NATO denounced the collecting of thousands of Russian soldiers. 

Ukraine has stated that Russia has 41,000 soldiers at its line of control with eastern Ukraine and 42,000 in Crimea. Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defense Minister stated on Tuesday that the military buildup of the previous three weeks was practice drills in light of what he characterized as risks from NATO. The moves in western Russia would keep going for two additional weeks, he added. 

In an official statement, the Kremlin said, “during talks on Ukraine’s internal political tensions,” Putin told Biden ways to deal with a political solution based on the 2015 peace deal facilitated by Germany and France and marked in Minsk, Belarus.

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