The Joe-Harris Partnership Is Good Win For New America

The Joe-Harris Partnership Is Good Win For New America

The Joe Harris Partnership Is Good Win For New America: The selection of Joe Biden has the President of the world’s most powerful democracy after India, has finally come through. It was a spoilt child’s tantrum that ended as Trump was thrown out of office finally. 

Economist and political analysts have been of the same opinion- off all the 20 contenders who were vying for the space at the White House, one cannot say that any one of them was not capable or a good leader. The same can never be said for Donald Trump. 

However, he could be a called an ‘accidental president’. Strangely, somewhere down the line, America had lost its way; or maybe wanted to experiment with someone new. So, Trump was the worst experiment that costed the country a lot more than just one presidential term. It costed the country its sense of wellbeing and security, it costed trade relations with long-term trade partners like China and Europe, it costed a bad temper with the world’s largest humanitarian organization, and the list is endless.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have everything that the conventional voter would have wished for- their roots are firmly into the truth of the country and its struggles.  Kamala Harris is of mix origins and from ethnic backgrounds that have risen from the ashes. With Asian and African origins, she understands the struggle of the coloured people well. But what best goes in her favour is the American upbringing her Indian mother bestowed upon her. Mr. Biden has had his share of personal struggles. He was groomed under Barack Obama and his personal issue with stuttering has not dampened his leadership.

The better part of the combination is that the recent Black Lives Matter campaign went in favour of Kamala Harris- not that she would have wanted George Floyd to die the way he did for her to have gained a prominent political position. Nevertheless, this one major incident woke people up from the spell casted on by Trump. They could see what it is that needed was better governance and a leader they could trust their lives with.

There are other more compelling reasons why the American people understood they have to do something about their future; and a responsible and informed vote was the only thing that could save them from another bad presidency term.

The new Biden- Harris partnership is bringing lot new things to a new American promise. Both share the sense of mutual respect and desire to learn and move ahead. One comes from the East Coast and the other from the West Coast. Biden is blessed with decades of Washington experience while Harris is well intentioned and ‘full of new ideas’. It’s a mix of tradition and modernity thrown in together- something the new America needs to move ahead in harmony with the world. Overall, we now have a ‘perfect balance of leadership’ representing the multicultural and ethnic origins that reside in America today.

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