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Taiwan’s Hsiao Bi-Khim attends Biden’s inauguration, signaling towards building strong ties with the US
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Taiwan’s Hsiao Bi-Khim attends Biden’s inauguration, signaling towards building strong ties with the US

Taiwan was given the U.S. official initiation on Wednesday (Jan. 20) for the first time since President Jimmy Carter cut off political ties with Taiwan in 1979. Taiwan’s envoy to the United States Hsiao Bi-Khim attended President-elect Joe Biden’s inaugural ceremony at the Capitol Hill.

At 11 a.m., just ere Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, Hsiao posted a tweet in which she expressed it was an honor to represent Taiwan at President Biden and Vice President Harris‘s inaugural ceremony. 

She also uploaded a video on her official Twitter handle expressing, “I’m extremely honored to be here today on behalf of the government of Taiwan”. She added that “Democracy is our common language and freedom is our common goal. I am looking forward to working with the Biden Administration and improving our common values and interests.”

The preventive protocols enforced amid the Wuhan Covid pandemic may have helped Hsiao’s historic participation. This year, administrators were not given countless invites, rather were just allowed to bring their spouse or family and friend. 

At first, it seemed that Taiwan would not have a presence, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) stating that it would be hard for the nation to be represented this year due to the strict limitations put on participation. 

However, on Wednesday, MOFA gave a public statement expressing that Hsiao has accepted an official invitation from the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies and represents the Taiwanese government in Washington DC.

The Taiwanese Ministry acknowledged that this was the first time that a Taiwanese delegate had been officially having received an invite. The event shows a solid and friendly relation between Taiwan and the US which is based on shared common values.

Taiwan government promised that in the future, the administration will continue to strengthen economic and bilateral ties at all levels and in various sectors with the new US administration “on the current solid foundation, and will further work on deepening the Taiwan-US partnership.”

January 6, the last chance of The Donald

January 6, the last chance of The Donald

The Donald: The sixth of January will be the last attempt to invalidate the American presidential election. A Republican senator announced today that he will oppose the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the US Congress on January 6. That day the Congress meets in joint session for the final count of the constituency. Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence, will preside over the work by constitutional dictation. And Trump has long counted on the loyalists to make the last attempt on that occasion to overturn the result, contesting the count of the votes of the constituency. The outgoing president said last night on Twitter: “JANUARY SIXTH, SEE YOU IN DC!”.

However, there will be a margin of uncertainty until the end, at least to prolong the “spectacle” of the most contested election in American history. It is also a test to which Republicans are called: from Pence himself to Senatorial leader Mitch McConnell, that day they either betray the Constitution or they betray Trump.

The senator who announced the January 6 motion is Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri. “At the very least – Hawley said today – Congress must investigate allegations of electoral fraud and take measures to ensure the regularity of our elections.” Now that at least one Republican parliamentarian has come out into the open, announcing the offensive for the last day useful for this purpose, others will surely support him.

Suspense is guaranteed, but only in appearance. The objection that every parliamentarian has the right to raise against the count of the electoral college gives rise to a debate and a vote by the House and Senate. In this case, the two votes are separate and since it is necessary that both branches of Congress snitch the count of the electoral college, the democratic majority in the House is enough to make the reversal impossible.

It is even doubtful that the motion will win in the Senate: there the Republicans are in the majority but different from each other and have now recognized Biden’s victory. The January 6 appointment will be “hot” for another reason as well: it will take place only 24 hours after the vote in Georgia where two senatorial seats are up for grabs. Tuesday 5 January will be the queue or the rematch of Election Day. Only Georgia votes but it is all national politics that hangs on that result. Two senatorial seats can sway the upper house majority in Biden camp, or leave it to the Republicans.

The Joe-Harris Partnership Is Good Win For New America

The Joe-Harris Partnership Is Good Win For New America

The Joe Harris Partnership Is Good Win For New America: The selection of Joe Biden has the President of the world’s most powerful democracy after India, has finally come through. It was a spoilt child’s tantrum that ended as Trump was thrown out of office finally. 

Economist and political analysts have been of the same opinion- off all the 20 contenders who were vying for the space at the White House, one cannot say that any one of them was not capable or a good leader. The same can never be said for Donald Trump. 

However, he could be a called an ‘accidental president’. Strangely, somewhere down the line, America had lost its way; or maybe wanted to experiment with someone new. So, Trump was the worst experiment that costed the country a lot more than just one presidential term. It costed the country its sense of wellbeing and security, it costed trade relations with long-term trade partners like China and Europe, it costed a bad temper with the world’s largest humanitarian organization, and the list is endless.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have everything that the conventional voter would have wished for- their roots are firmly into the truth of the country and its struggles.  Kamala Harris is of mix origins and from ethnic backgrounds that have risen from the ashes. With Asian and African origins, she understands the struggle of the coloured people well. But what best goes in her favour is the American upbringing her Indian mother bestowed upon her. Mr. Biden has had his share of personal struggles. He was groomed under Barack Obama and his personal issue with stuttering has not dampened his leadership.

The better part of the combination is that the recent Black Lives Matter campaign went in favour of Kamala Harris- not that she would have wanted George Floyd to die the way he did for her to have gained a prominent political position. Nevertheless, this one major incident woke people up from the spell casted on by Trump. They could see what it is that needed was better governance and a leader they could trust their lives with.

There are other more compelling reasons why the American people understood they have to do something about their future; and a responsible and informed vote was the only thing that could save them from another bad presidency term.

The new Biden- Harris partnership is bringing lot new things to a new American promise. Both share the sense of mutual respect and desire to learn and move ahead. One comes from the East Coast and the other from the West Coast. Biden is blessed with decades of Washington experience while Harris is well intentioned and ‘full of new ideas’. It’s a mix of tradition and modernity thrown in together- something the new America needs to move ahead in harmony with the world. Overall, we now have a ‘perfect balance of leadership’ representing the multicultural and ethnic origins that reside in America today.

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