The Deaf and Dumb feel reassured in coronavirus times

The Deaf and Dumb feel reassured in coronavirus times

A thoughtful college student has been able to come to the rescue of deaf and dumb community which was finding it extremely difficult to communicate their plight, at a time when the pandemic forces us to show a smile through the various varieties of face masks.

Hailing from Illinois, a college senior student, Ashley Lawrence has been thoughtful to design masks which have a plastic strip on the mouth part that will help the deaf and dumb community to continue to use sign language to communicate.
Lawrence is majoring in deaf education and is a senior at Eastern Kentucky University. This makes so much sense as she could empathize with the deaf and dumb community. She has now posted photos of two face mask designs, both with transparent screens around the mouth.

The American community is more and more moving towards making their own masks. There has been a paucity of masks. The certified high quality N95 masks are low in numbers. Medical personnel have been forced to reuse and rehash their old ones.

Literally, all people have been advised to not move around without some or the other kind of mask. Federal officials in America have been asking civilians to use any kind of masks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has approved certain kinds of materials for making masks at home. It has recently posted a no-sew mask pattern using a bandanna and a coffee filter as well as a video on making masks using rubber bands and folded fabrics found at home.

According to Dr. Scott Segal, chairman of anesthesiology at Wake Forest Baptist Health, a simple test can help you decipher if the fabric is worth making a protective mask or not. “Hold it up to a bright light. If light passes really easily through the fibers and you can almost see the fibers, it’s not a good fabric. If it’s a denser weave of thicker material and light doesn’t pass through it as much, that’s the material you want to use.”

People are making use of old pajamas, origami vacuum bags, pillow cases etc. Some are also making use of bra cups due to the fact they are breathable materials and can act as excellent covers.

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