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Pompeo arrives in Kabul to resume peace deal talks

Pompeo arrives in Kabul to resume peace deal talks

To resume the peace talks between US and Taliban, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo arrived in Kabul on Monday. Pompeo’s surprise visit to Kabul highlights the urgency of the matter. He was received by Zalmay Khalilzad — the lead US negotiator in talks with the Taliban — at the Kabul airport.

The US did not want to miss even the slightest of opportunity to close the deal, especially when the intra-Afghan peace process has been stalled over the ongoing political turmoil in Afghanistan. The country’s leaders, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, are fighting over the claim to be Afghanistan’s elected president.

Pompeo held separate and joint meetings with both the rivals.
“We have tried… for the last several weeks to try to find the formula and encourage them to come to an agreement,” a senior state department official said, according to a pool report.
Pompeo has come “to help push, to encourage and to point out what our expectations are and what that assessment is if they don’t do the right thing”.

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A State Department official, who accompanied Pompeo, spoke to reporters on the condition of anonymity. He said, “We are in a crisis. The fear is that unless this crisis gets resolved and resolved soon, that could affect the peace process, which was an opportunity for this country that (has) stood in this 40-years-long war. And our agreement with the Talibs could be put at risk.”

The US and NATO forces have already initiated the troop withdrawal process. Though it has reached a slow turn amid the ongoing global outbreak of coronavirus. The US authorities are pressing hard to reach a deal before the negotiation window between Taliban and Afghanistan gets shut again.

The complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan is dependent on Taliban’s commitment to prevent other terror group from entering and operating in Afghanistan. Things fell out after the phase one signing of the deal, i.e. in Qatar on Feb. 29, as Ghani refused to fulfill his part of a promise made in the US-Taliban deal to free up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners, as a goodwill gesture in exchange of 1000 Afghan prisoners.

Pompeo ask Iran to liberate US citizens from prisons due to coronavirus outbreak

Pompeo ask Iran to liberate US citizens from prisons due to coronavirus outbreak

On Tuesday, the United States called on Iran to immediately release detained US prisoners with news of the spread of the new Corona virus in its prisons. “The United States will hold the Iranian regime directly responsible for the death of any American citizen,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement, warning of a decisive US response to this event.

Pompeo added: “The reports on the spread of the Covid-19 virus in Iranian prisons are worrying and the least they require is the complete and immediate release of all US citizens. Their detention amid increasingly deteriorating conditions defies basic human decency.”

According to CNN, at least four Americans are imprisoned in Iran, which has had more than 8,000 coronavirus cases and nearly 300 deaths. Courts across Iran have granted eligible convicts’ furlough as part of the measures to contain coronavirus in the country, said Judiciary Chief Hojatoleslam Ebrahim Raeisi. Pompeo reaffirmed the furlough of tens of thousands of prisoners demonstrated Iran’s ability to grant clemency and show mercy. “Any nation considering whether to provide Iran with humanitarian assistance because of COVID-19 should seek a reciprocal humanitarian gesture by the regime: release all wrongly detained dual and foreign national citizens. This request is well within the regime’s power to grant,” he added. “The United States will not rest until all Americans wrongfully detained abroad are returned home.”

Last week, the family of American prisoner Siamak Namazi asked in a statement for help getting him a temporary furlough as a fellow prisoner had tested positive for the Chinese virus COVID-19, countless others are sick and there are no treatments for the new virus. Previously, Iran announced it would release 70,000 prisoners resulted negative to COVID-19 tests, but Namazi was not among them. US president Donald Trump has offered assistance to the Iranian people, and the US State Department said it would consider support to Iranian administrators if they requested for it.

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Global watchdog blacklisted Iran after it failed to follow FATF norms
Middle East & Africa

Global watchdog blacklisted Iran after it failed to follow FATF norms

On Friday, The global watchdog put Iran on its blacklist after it failed to follow the global anti-terrorism funding norms, a step that will advance the nation’s disengagement from the financial market.

The decision came after over three years of forewarning from the Paris-based Financial Action Taskforce (FATF), pressing the Islamic Republic to either order militant financing conventions or see its pardon from the blacklist lifted and some forced counter-measures.

The group’s 39 members stated in an announcement following a week-long meeting, “Given Iran’s inability to authorize the Palermo and Terrorist Financing Conventions following the FATF Standards, the FATF completely lifts the suspension of counter-measures and approaches its individuals and urges all jurisdictions to apply successful counter-steps,” The Reuters revealed.

These would involve more scrutiny of dealings with Iran, harder external evaluating of financing firms working in the nation, and additional stress on foreign banks and organizations continuing business with Iran.

The United States recognized the team’s action after what it said was Tehran’s inability to follow FATF’s norms.

Iran “must face ramifications for its continued failure to submit to global standards,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an announcement.

Iran’s central bank chief rejected FATF’s decision as “politically driven and not a professional decision,” the state news agency IRNA cited Abdolnasser Hemmati as stating.

“I can guarantee our country that it will not affect Iran’s stability and foreign trade,” Hemmati added.

US sanctions have disabled Iran’s economy, wrecking its oil exports and, to a great extent, closing it from the global financial system. Washington has since long forced a policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran, The National reported.

Article Credit: The National

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Mike Pompeo expects to better relations with Ukraine amid Trump’s impeachment trial

Mike Pompeo expects to better relations with Ukraine amid Trump’s impeachment trial

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will land in Kyiv, where he proposes to dismiss opinions that there are policy differences between President Donald Trump, the State Department, Congress, and the intelligence with regards to Ukraine. The trip comes after a fiery interview with NPR—in which Pompeo was quoted as stating, “Do you think Americans bother about Ukraine?”— and amid Trump’s impeachment hearing in the Senate, which straightforwardly includes Ukraine.

Pompeo’s visit—which was postponed amid increased strains with Iran and his strategy tone is presumed to be hard. He will probably accentuate US support for Ukraine in its combat with Russian separatists in the east, FP revealed.

Pompeo is programmed to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, as well as the Defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk and Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko, on Friday.

Before traveling to Kyiv today, the secretary of state was reserved for meeting British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Pompeo will probably ask Johnson on the issue of security and the Chinese firm Huawei. Pompeo will furthermore visit Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan following Ukraine.

On Friday, Pompeo is scheduled to meet President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, as he looks forward to putting a definite turn on relations between the two nations amid Donald Trump’s Impeachment trial is in progress.

It is in Kyiv where the spotlight will concentrate most solidly on Pompeo and mostly on his endeavors to fix the harm done in the course of recent years, The Guardian reported.

The talks are probably going to cover Ukraine’s contention with Russia, bilateral relations, gas, and the United State’s sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, trade possibilities in Ukraine.See more news about News of America Today

Article Credit: Foreign Policy and The Guardian

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