Non-EU citizens turned back as travel restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Non-EU citizens turned back as travel restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Brussels have prohibited the entry of travelers from the bloc for 30 days to fight the spread of coronavirus. According to reports, Around 140 people have been advised to return from Frankfurt Airport.

On Tuesday, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that the coronavirus pandemic was causing a “socio-economic tsunami” as European leaders consented to close external borders.

The move by the EU is its most noteworthy crisis measure yet, which has paced to devise a united response to the fatal pandemic that is rapidly spreading globally. There are roughly 80,000 EU nationals around the globe waiting to get back home, an EU representative stated.

The coalition’s Schengen passport-free zone imposes the vital measures and that the EU states outside it should also follow the same, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed. Furthermore, on Monday, the French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation and upheld the move.

The ban will be in effect for 30 days and won’t impact Europeans or former EU members of Britain from getting back home.

Germany’s Angela Merkel is expected to address the nation on Wednesday night.

Macron’s office said he “solidly condemned uncoordinated measures to check internal EU borders that are not useful as far as wellbeing and harm the economy,” The National reported.

Few EU nations have shut their borders or ordered health screening controls that might slow cross-border cargo traffic, regardless of calls from Brussels for an individual European plan.

France, Italy, Spain, and now Belgium have chosen complete lockdowns, requesting residents to remain home because of precautionary measures.

PM Boris Johnson also urged residents to maintain a strategic distance and avoid large social gathering, like theaters, malls, libraries, and nightclubs.

Article Credit: The National/Reuters

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