WHO officials slams calling corona virus a ‘Chinese virus’
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WHO officials slams calling corona virus a ‘Chinese virus’

World Health Organisation slams US President Donald Trump’s statement in which he referred to corona virus as a ‘Chinese virus.’ During a media conference on Wednesday, Dr. Mike Ryan, the executive director of WHO’s emergencies program said, “Viruses know no borders and they don’t care about your ethnicity, the color of your skin or how much money you have in the bank. So it’s really important we be careful in the language we use lest it lead to the profiling of individuals associated with the virus.”

WHO deliberately gave the deadly virus a generic name which doesn’t not hold any association with any territory, community, place, or animal. It was done to avoid any form of racial violence from erupting.

US President Donald Trump, during a press conference on Wednesday, defended his previous ‘Chinese virus’ statement. He said, “It’s not racist at all…No, not at all.”
On being asked, why he called it so, Mr. Trump said, “Because it comes from China…That’s why.”
There have been several reports of mistreatment of Chinese Americans who have been blamed for allegedly spreading the coronavirus.

The virus was first found in Wuhan in China, about three months ago from where it spread across the world. To this day it has infected over 212,000 people and taken at least 8,727 lives, according to data compiled by John’s Hopkins University. The virus which causes COVID-19, a respiratory disease is called corona virus. In ‘covid’ CO stands for corona, the VI for virus and the D for disease.

Mr. Ryan stressed on WHO’s call for solidarity against the pandemic. He said, “This is a time for solidarity, this is a time for facts, this is a time to move forward together, to fight this virus together. There is no blame in this…All we need now is to identify the things we need to do to move forward quickly, with speed and to avoid any indication of ethnic or other associations with this virus.”

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